Did you know that water fountains can improve health and offer increased productivity and peace of mood?

If you’d like to increase your office or home’s aesthetic appeal, and find health benefits, installing single or multiple water fountains is the right idea.

However, there are a lot of options when it comes to water features. There are different water fountain types and sizes. So, how do you choose which one to buy for your needs?

We want to provide you with as much information as possible. Keep reading to learn more about each water fountain type and how to buy water fountains easily.

Determine the Purpose of the Fountain

Before you purchase a water fountain, you should determine the purpose of the fountain. Is it for your home, office, garden, or another environment?

Knowing the fountain’s purpose will help you choose the suitable model for your needs. For example, garden and outdoor fountains are often more extensive, elaborate, and luxurious than those made for indoors, such as those and wall-mounted fountains.

It would help if you also decided whether you would prefer an indoor/outdoor fountain, self-contained or plumbed to your water supply, and a model with or without built-in light. 

Choose the Type of Fountain

When purchasing a water fountain, the choices of type are vast. Fountains are available in many shapes, sizes, and water fountain features, so it helps to narrow down your selections to the one that is best for you.

The three primary types of water fountains are tabletop, wall mounted, and freestanding. A tabletop fountain is ideal for small spaces, where the fountain is placed on a table or desk and does not need to be connected to a plumbing system.

Wall-mounted fountains are great for displaying a piece of beauty on the wall and can be connected to a water supply or freestanding. Freestanding fountains are great for gardens and outdoors and come in multiple styles and sizes, many of which use a built-in tank that holds and recycles the water. 

Determine the Size and Style

There are numerous factors to consider when considering the water fountain size and style of water fountain. Size can range from a simple desktop size to a large outdoor fountain.

Factors that influence the size of the fountain include the intended use, space availability, how loud it will be, how much water it will require, and how to elaborate the design is.

Additionally, the style should reflect personal preference and coordinate with the overall look and feel of the space in which it will be placed.

Consider the Water Flow and Sound

You want the fountain to provide the desired water flow and sound. Some models may be too powerful with too much water flowing or too loud.

Alternatively, you may find a model with balanced water flow and sound. Additionally, you should see if the water flow and sound can be adjusted as taste may change over time.

If there is an adjustable nozzle, that could be a great feature. The sound of the water is also essential. Make sure to listen to different water fountains to find the one with the sound that relaxes you the most.

Think About Maintenance

When buying a water fountain, the maintenance requirements are one of the most important things to consider. You want to ensure that the fountain is easy to clean and that the parts are easy to access and maintain.

You also want to double-check that the manufacturer offers a long-term warranty for their product. Regularly cleaning the fountain and checking for wear and tear on its components should be part of the water fountain maintenance.

It’s also a good idea to research the type of water fountain and their modern water features. It should take and ensure the water quality is consistent with the fountain guidelines. 

Buying a modern water fountain requires attention to detail and careful consideration for the end-user, but with the right information, creating an amazing centerpiece has never been easier.

Set a Budget

When shopping for water fountains, it is essential to consider how much money you would like to invest in one. Developing a budget is a great way to ensure you spend your money and stay within your means.

Depending on your budget, you can buy a more expensive option with features like many nozzles and digital displays. If you’re on a tighter budget, opting for a smaller size model might be the way to go.

Research and compare water fountain costs of water fountains to ensure that you are getting one that fits your budget and is the best choice for your needs.

Consider the Source of Water

When looking for a water fountain, it is essential to consider the source of the water. Water fountains are usually connected to the public water supply system or a tanker.

Before making a purchase, it is vital to research the source and ensure it is clean and safe. Fountains with built-in filters are the safest option.

Home water filtration systems can also purify the water before it is consumed. For added protection, consider choosing a water filter that removes chlorine, lead, and mercury contaminants.

Check for Safety Features

When buying water fountains, it’s essential to check for safety features. Ensure the fountain is constructed from materials that will not release toxic fumes and contain lead or other hazardous materials even after prolonged exposure to water.

Ensure the fountain is up to current safety standards and does not contain any parts that could be a choking hazard for children or pets. All fountain electrical components should be UL-listed, and dead-man switches should be included to automatically shut the fountain off in an emergency.

Any tubing or hoses used to carry the water should be in good condition or replaced. All in all, it’s important to carefully check the safety features of any water fountain before making a purchase.

Consider Buying Water Fountains Now

Buying water fountains can be an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to add water-inspired serenity to their space. With the correct understanding and this complete guide, shoppers can explore different options and make the most fitting choice for their needs.

Find the perfect fountain today to bring beauty and peace to your home.

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