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How To Plant Succulents In Containers Without Drainage

Have you ever thought of planting succulent plants on containers that do not have drainage holes? Every instructor will tell you that the succulents do not need water. Yes, it is...

How To Grow and Care For Rhipsalis cereuscula (Coral Cactus)

One of the best shrubby cactus that you can plant as a houseplant is the beautiful Rhipsalis cereuscula. The plant traces its origin to the indigenous forest of central and South...

How To Grow and Care for Pachypodium lamerei (Madagascar palm)

Pachypodium lamerei is among the beautiful houseplants that will play a role in beautifying your garden. The plant belongs to an Apocynaceae family that has over 25 species. It is the...

How To Grow and Care For Stapelia gigantea ‘Zulu Giant’

There are many varieties of succulent plants. They all have striking factors that make them be the best. Stapelia gigantea has the largest and most beautiful flower in the succulent flower...

How To Grow and Care for Cotyledon tomentosa “Bear’s Paw”

If you admire the succulent plants in your garden, then it is time to grow the cotyledon tomentosa. It is among the adorable plants that belong to the succulent plants. The...

How To Grow and Care for Kalanchoe luciae ‘Flapjack’

Kalanchoe luciae is an excellent flowering plant type that belongs to the family of Crassulaceae. It traces its origin to the Native regions of Botswana, Lesotho, and Botswana. It is an...

How To Grow and Care for Crassula ovata (Gollum Jade)

Here is another beautiful succulent shrub that you can decide to plant as your house plant. The Gollum Jade can grow to a height of 3 feet. It can also grow...

How To Grow and Care For Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Pork and Beans’ (Jelly Bean Plant)

Among the excellent houseplants that you can choose is the Sedum Rubrotinctum. It is a jelly bean-like houseplant that appears colorful and beautiful. The stems taller to allow them to trail...

How To Grow and Care For Sedum Morganianum ‘Burrito’ (Donkey tail)

Sedum morganianum is a beautiful type of houseplant which is native to Honduras and parts of Mexico. The beautiful succulent plant features bluish-green foliage which may sometimes appear as a teardrop....

How To Grow and Care For Crassula muscosa ‘Watch Chain’

Crassula species are native to Namibia and South Africa. The best well-draining soil is sandy soil, cacti soils, and succulent soil mix. The plant is thick and fleshy like it is...

How To Manage Your Responsibilities as a Grad Student

Embarking on a journey through graduate school is an intellectually stimulating endeavor that demands a high level of commitment and organization. Balancing...