Relocating is a perfect time to sort through your stuff and eliminate everything you won’t need anymore. Have a yard sale if the weather is nice enough. Donate gently used items to goodwill, sell old furniture on a site like craigslist, recycle old periodicals and catalogs, and destroy confidential paperwork. This guide covers every aspect of moving into a new home.

Make a Moving Plan

Short-distance moves can be handled by rounding up some friends who also own trucks or renting a car for the day. The cost of hiring local moving services is something to consider if you have a sizable family or are moving a long distance. Make sure your stuff stays safe by using reputable services.

Keep Your Precious Items Safe

On the day of the move, make sure your valuables are stored somewhere secure. If hiring a moving company, insure your valuables and fragile items. Before you transport a computer, make sure you’ve made a backup of all your data, just in case. Jewelry and other valuables should not be packed with the rest of your belongings unless they can be protected against breakage.

Always Keep the Movers in the Know

Before you book movers, ensure you and the moving company understand all requirements and expectations. The time and money required for your relocation and the availability of necessary equipment depend on your mover’s familiarity with all the specifics. You should let the company know if you have bulky objects like a piano or refrigerator or access constraints.

Be Comfortable With Your New Neighbors

To get things started correctly, let your close neighbors know when you’re moving in and what kind of trucks you’re utilizing. Be sure your vehicle doesn’t obstruct anyone’s exit while traveling during the workday. Clear your driveway of snow and ice if it’s winter. Make sure there is enough space for parking the moving truck. That is essential on busy streets to avoid slowing your move and increasing your overall cost.

Locks Should Be ReplacedAfter settling into your new abode, it is prudent to consider changing the locks. The former homeowner might have potentially passed out numerous sets of keys to family, friends or neighbors; therefore you may not be aware who has access. Security should never be taken lightly and for this reason alone it’s wise to replace the door locks as soon as possible.


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