Here is another beautiful succulent shrub that you can decide to plant as your house plant. The Gollum Jade can grow to a height of 3 feet. It can also grow as wide as 2 feet. The fascinating things about this plant are the finger-like leaves which have a red circle at their tips.

Many people consider the plant as a symbol of good luck. You don’t need lots of effort to make it thrive. It is a rare beauty that can appear like a jewel in your outdoor surroundings. You can use a nice looking container to march with the beautiful colors that the Gollum hade will develop as it grows.

Planting Crassula ovata

Planting Crassula ovata is fun. The plant is fashionable and needs a small space and care for it to thrive well. It is the leaves that make it such a fascinating jewel. All you need to do when planting this beautiful houseplant is the best seasons to grow, and the type of soil that will support its growth.

When to plant

Gollum jade has the same characteristics as any other plant. If you are keen on planting these plants, then you should consider the warm summers and springs. These seasons are the suitable seasons for the growth of any plant.

Where to plant

Any spot that has well-draining soils and receives bright indirect sunlight for at least six hours is the best place you can opt to grow your houseplant. You can plant them in a nursery or use containers. The plant will do well when you provide these conditions.

How to plant

Gollum Jade can do well in nurseries or pots. You can decide to grow it indoors or outdoors. What you will be planting are the stem cuttings that you have already propagated. You can transfer stem cuttings into their containers, where it stays for two or three years before you repot.

Care for Gollum jade

Your Gollum jade will thrive under specific conditions like any other succulent plant. The article will deliberate on the soil types, fertilizer, water, and sunlight. You will also learn about the temperature and humidity provisions that will fit the plant. 

Soil and fertilizer

The best soil is a well-draining soil. You can use sandy soil, a cacti mix, or the gritty soil in your container. There are many varieties of pots that you can use to plant your Gollum Jade.

You only need to be sure that the pot has a drainage hole at the bottom to enhance soil drainage because the plant roots can rot in excess water. You can add fertilizer during the feeding seasons, though it may not be necessary. Succulent plants can survive without fertilizer, but you can only add it if you want enhanced growth.

Sunlight and water

Gollum Jade will do well in bright indirect sunlight. The shade is best but not in excess because these plants are adapted to a shiny sunny day. If you will grow it indoors, be sure to place it close to a window that receives at least six hours of sunlight.

On the side of watering, it will be better during the growing season but, makes sure that you are doing this sparingly because the plant cannot survive excess watering. You only need to water them well, then wait until the soil dries out again before you begin watering again.

Temperature and humidity

Average room temperature from 15 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius is the best for the growing succulent plant. Temperatures should not come below 10 degree Celsius. For the humidity, your plant will thrive well in normal humid conditions.

Other succulent plants will break when the place gets so misty. It is not the case with the Gollum Jade houseplant. It can withstand high humidity conditions.


Gollum jade is a slow grower. It will take two to three years before you repot it. Some reasons take repotting to be inevitable. First, the stem might overgrow its pot, or the roots begin to hand.

When this begins to happen, it is time to start repotting your plant. Remove the plant from the old pot and dust soils. If there will be any root or stem that has begun rotting, you should get rid of it before moving it to a larger pot. Backfill a larger pot with new soils. Do not water the plant for at least two weeks.

Gollum Jade punning and propagation

Every houseplant will do well when you prune it. It is not so often for the crassula plants that do not grow so many leaves. For propagation, you can use stem and leave cuttings.

Cut off the leaves or stems using a pruning shear and allow it to dry off or rather callous. It will take at least two to three weeks before the new roots begin developing. Move them in a pot or a nursery, and there they are ready to start growing.

Gollum Jade pest and diseases

The most common types of pests that affect the houseplants are aphids and scale insects. It will be best to spray an insecticide once in a while. Manage watering so that you don’t risk infecting your plant with a root rot disease.


To conclude, it won’t be a mistake having this beautiful plant in your home garden or your house. It is just like another jewel that grows beautifully during fall and spring. The care tips are easy, hence no need to worry about how you will take care of it.



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