Crochet Summer Blanket Free Patterns


Are you looking for the best summer blanket? Did you know that there are so many crochet summer blankets? Have you had an idea of how you can come up with blanket patterns for chilly summer days? Now relax. We are going to highlight some of the amazing 15 crochet summer blanket free patterns you can rely on. Here we start!

1. Ombre Ocean Corner to Corner

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Have you ever been into a beach swimming as the waves gently move around you? You don’t have to imagine the feeling. Ombre Ocean Corner to Corner gives you such a relaxing feeling to a desire. It comes with combinations of colors to meet your taste and preference. What a feeling?

2. Tropical Pineapple Squares Crochet Blanket

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Comfort and beauty are what you get over the time when you have pineapple squares crochet blanket. Summer is a season of fun! You don’t have to miss the moment. You can make every square to have different bright colors to come with the design that you want.

3. Juicey Watermelon Squares 


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Who doesn’t like watermelon? It might not be your favorite, but it looks all good. The perfect summer accents that you can have is the watermelon squares. You have infinite options when it comes to this. No single moment you can go wrong!

4. Tulip Lane Crochet Pattern.

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Having a sense of style is not for everyone. Are you looking for a perfect summer blanket and maintain your fashion and style? You can be sure that a tulip lane crochet pattern will make your home beautiful. Whether you use it on a couch or armchair, it gives you all that you need. Perfection!

5. Simply Seashell Crochet Blanket Pattern

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The simply seashell crochet blanket pattern will keep you warm on those chilly nights. You don’t have to be at the beach for your life to feel cozy. You can make your home a perfect place to be by having a shell pattern blanket. What a joy! When you think of collecting seashells at the beach, you got a perfect idea right in your home. Try it.

6. Lacy Shell

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Is it super soft and lovely? You can’t crave anything much better than this. It’s more durable and comes in different colors. You get what you adore. No regrets during summer when you have a lacy shell. What a deal! To create more custom palette inspired by what you like, you can consider many-colored stitched blanket.

7. Strawberry Lace Crochet Blanket

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This strawberry lace crochet blanket’ is one of its kind. If you have ever had a strawberry, you can know the taste. It’s sweet as a strawberry! It is the perfect blanket to use during warmer seasons and give a balance during the cold ones. No complaints just enjoying the seasons at peace.

8. Crochet Baby Summer Blanket

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Do you have a baby? Regardless of the season, your baby needs to be well protected and comfortable. Crochet baby summer blanket gives baby comfort and safety. It’s beautiful and soft for your little one. No worries. Warm your kids nights!

9. Crochet Willy the Whale Splish-Splash Blanket.


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Who can resist such an amazing baby blanket? It’s a perfect blanket for your kid. The only satisfying blanket you can ever get that has a pillow, save you space and have a nice place to put your kid’s toys. I guess this is the most comfortable place your kid can play with and hug.

10. Crochet Fabric Quilt Blanket

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 You will love this crochet fabric quilt blanket. It’s gorgeous, both the look and texture. It’s one of the best blankets that you can imagine having in your bed. Not only on the bed, it just perfect even with the pillows. What a deal to know you have the best covers all around your room.

11. Crochet Turtle Beach Blanket

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It’s perfect for both the children and the parents. It has that beautiful look that everyone loves. You can tell that this crochet turtle beach blanket is the best. It’s a unique blanket that can perfectly fit you whether you have kids or not. You got to try it!

12. Crochet Granny Triangle Afghan Blanket

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Do you like that afternoon nap? When use Crochet Granny Triangle Afghan Blanket to cover your chair, you can have that moment. It’s soft and has acrylic yarn that makes it feel wonderful. Do you wonder what’s best for summer? Here you got it!

13. Crochet Frog Pond Baby Blanket

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Can you imagine the pond you last saw with blue waters, frogs, grass among others? It’s fun! If you want to enjoy a fascinating blanket with frog stitches, you got this.

14. Hexagon Baby Blanket

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You want to make your babe feel safe and secure? You got no other choice than using the hexagon baby blanket. Guess what! It provides comfort to your kid all through the summer.

15. Crochet Embossed Popcorn Flower Smitten Blanket

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It’s beautiful. It’s one of the favorites to many. Easy to make and perfect blanket during summers.


These 15 Crochet Summer Blanket Free Patterns is best for anyone. The ideas can perfectly work for beginners and those who want to venture into stitching projects. Any of these perfect free patterns will help you out in a great way. The highlights you are to guide anyone in need of specifically designed crochet blankets.


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