Did you know that the Wayuu mochila tapestry is now the trending art in the world?  It is an exotic crochet technique that delivers a rare skill!

You need to have a test of this fascinating art. It’s the only way to bring a sense of fashion into your home. Using every stitch as the pixel is super fun, and it will design many quality patterns. You can even create more fun and style by using a variety of colors together.

Let’s consider the following 18 Wayuu Mochila Tapestry Crochet Free Patterns that will for sure warn your heart. They are simply the best ideas just for you.

18 Wayuu Mochila Tapestry Crochet Free Patterns 

1. Reversible Bead Tapestry Crochet Basket

Reversible Bead Tapestry Crochet Basket

The amazing bead tapestry crochet basket does excel. It’s a perfect art just for those who like the baskets!  The Wayuu mochila tapestry crochet is a beautiful pattern that you can try.


  2. The hearts clutch tapestry

The hearts clutch tapestry

There are many reasons why you should admire the Wayuu tapestry ideas! You get rare but most fulfilling kinds of baskets including the heart’s clutch crochet tapestry! Have a look at this unique and yet so appealing type of basket!


3. Here is another reversible bead crochet basket

Here is another reversible bead crochet basket


Did you ever imagine that Wayuu mochila tapestry can deliver this? Look how lovely it appears, we even like it most when it displays the fantastic red, white and blue colors. It’s a perfect way to have fun with the Wayuu tapestry ideas.

4. Let us take a look at wayuu authentic mochila bag

Let us take a look at wayuu authentic mochila bag


It is a beautiful kind of bag, we love these tapestry ideas, and for real you need to consider them.

5. The tapestry liona bag

The tapestry liona bag


We have all kinds of bags. They all look appealing, but for sure, the tapestry bag does excel even more. Look at this bag? Isn’t it so attractive?

6. The crochet mochila bag

The crochet mochila bag


Instruction: part 1, part 2

The crochet mochila bag is another beautiful Wayuu idea that never fails to be in the list. We love stitching, and that’s why we deliver all these rare kinds of items just to let you understand how beautiful the crochet art can be.

7. How about this crochet Wayuu bag?

How about this crochet Wayuu bag?


The crochet Wayuu bag will appear high when you use a variety of colours. Look at this? It is the crochet colours that make it the most outstanding.

8. Let’s now talk about the BOHO Backpack

Let’s now talk about the BOHO Backpack


The Boho backpack is yet another Wayuu crochet idea that you need to consider. It’s quite amazing, and you don’t want to miss this.

9. Kanda wayuu mochila bag

Kanda wayuu mochila bag


This peculiar kind of art will make you love crochet art. The kanda mochila design is just another idea that will impress you, especially when you add some colours. Take a look at this great art!

10. The tapestry cosmetic bag

The tapestry cosmetic bag


One of the tapestry ideas that you need to consider is the tapestry cosmetic bag. Don’t you think it is a perfect one? Add more colour stitches to make it real and fun.

11. The crochet drops bag

The crochet drops bag


The drops bag will be so appealing, especially for those ladies who are always keen on fashion and trends. We recommend that you consider these rare kinds of Wayuu bags.

12. The Derek bag

The Derek bag


The crochet Derek bag is one of those cute Wayuu bag ideas that excels when it comes to fashion. You need to consider this perfect art just for you.

13. Let see the tote bag in crochet style

Let see the tote bag in crochet style


The crochet  tote bag is undoubtedly the best idea that you need to consider. If you care so much about plaids, then the color changes can do.

14. The argyle crochet purse

The argyle crochet purse


This fabulous argyle crochet purse falls under the best Wayuu designs that you can consider. It’s a perfect mochila design that everyone will admire.

15. The colorful tapestry blanket

The colorful tapestry blanket


Yes, the stitches and tapestry ideas are also practical in the bedroom! You need this perfect tapestry art. It merely delivers the best.

16. The tapestry cushion cover

The tapestry cushion cover


The Wayuu mochila tapestry art designs quality cushion covers that will be so appealing to the aye. Consider the tapestry cushion cover idea that we have assembled for you. You will sincerely love it.

17. The wayuu mochila bag

The wayuu mochila bag


This idea is lovely.  The wayuu tradition is just so lovely. Give it a try.

18. The brilliant tapestry canopy idea

The brilliant tapestry canopy idea


We love this mochila tapestry idea. It’s a fresh, simple and more so outstanding tapestry idea that is currently trending.


To conclude, the Wayuu mochila tapestry crochet art is an excellent piece of art that you may want to practise. As an artist, it will be a lovely adventure to try new things with these beautiful crochet ideas.

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