Creating a sleeker home doesn’t have to cost the earth in time or money. There are plenty of things you can do, big and small, that will give your home a more presentable and cleaner look. Here are just a few of them:

Built in storage

Clutter can make any home look very messy. De-cluttering is a great way to reduce this problem. However, many of us we aren’t able to get rid of everything and clutter becomes inevitable.

Investing in built in storage for your home is a great solution to this problem as it allows you to keep hold of all the possessions you want without having to have them on display.

Decant products

Whether it be bathroom products such as shampoo and conditioner, or cleaning supplies, these rarely complement the interior of a home.

An effective way to combat this is to decant products into more neutral bottles for a sleeker look. This removes the messiness of multiple designs without getting rid of essential products that are used regularly and so need to be accessed easily.

As well as improving appearance, this is useful for cutting down on plastic waste as you are able to shop from refill shops or re-fill ranges when re-stocking on your everyday products.

Hide wires

Having wires on display throughout your home can easily distract from the nice interior you have chosen.

There are ample ways to hide the wires in your home, whether it be wires hanging from your mounted tv or charging cables by your bedside table, there is a solution for everything. Implementing these methods is far more visually appealing than having them on display.

Upgrade your fittings

Sometimes when we think of making our homes more presentable, we think of completely ripping out everything and starting from scratch. However, replacing your features and fittings can be impactful without disruption. Try replacing your door handles and plug socket coverings for an instant uplift.

Refresh with paint

Faded or chipped paint can very quickly make a home look messy and dull. Re-painting or opting for a new shade is a simple yet effective way to inject life back into a  room whilst also making it appear far more put together.

Introduce greenery

There are so many benefits to having greenery in the home, from improved air condition to a reduction in fatigue. On top of all of this, greenery is a fantastic way to enhance the appearance of any room.

Experiment with textures

Adding texture to a room is a good way to add depth and make a room more comforting and welcoming. Take a look at cushions, blankets, and, rugs that will complement your interior style.


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