How will you make your kids’ bedroom to be spacious? You will need to consider the space-saving furniture to make it easier to save some space. 15 space-saving kids’ furniture plans are the best ideas that you should try at your house. They are fantastic ideas that will fit the small space you have for your kid’s bedroom.

1. The modern Bunk bed

Here is a smart idea that will be perfect in your kid’s bedroom if you intend to save some space. The pattern gives you a simple way to make two beds for your kids in a very tiny room. Your kids will love this idea, and they may even not realize that it is the space you are saving.


2. Four beds in one

Here is another excellent piece of bedroom furniture that you will want to have in your kids’ bedroom. It is interesting to have four beds to accommodate four children in a single room. It is undoubtedly the best idea for people who want to save some space.

3. Floating bunk beds

It is a perfect idea for those people who like Nautical ideas. Take a look at the steps you will follow when making this space-saving idea and get started with it. It is a perfect plan that uses little woods and takes a small space in your kid’s room.


4. Solid wood bunk beds

A solid wood bunk bed is among the best space-saving ideas to have in your kids’ room. The bed-idea uses lots of solid woods to appear amusing for people who like woodwork. Check out the DIY instructions from the source and start over the project.

 Source: above, below

5. Modern smaller bunk beds

Here is another cute space-saving idea that you can have in your kid’s bedroom. It is perfect for kids below age 5. If you want to save some space in your kids’ bedroom, visit the source and get inspiration on how to do it.


6. Basic bunk bed

A basic bunk bed is a space-saving idea that will leave plenty of room to fix other furniture like a small table and a study chair in the kids’ room. Check the source to guide you on how you are going to get started with the idea.


7. The dollhouse Bunk bed plans

The dollhouse will look like a cupboard, and it will perfect castle for your kids. Check out all the things you need to know when making this bunk bed for your kid. It will have other partitions that will be great in saving space.


8. The full and the twin bed

How old are your kids? If they have an age difference the lower bed can fit the older one while the upper will be perfect for the young one. Check out the steps that will guide you to make this space-saving idea in your kids’ bedroom.


9. Super simple bunk beds

For the individuals who want something brief and easy to make, the super simple bunk bed is all you need to check now. All the steps are easy to follow, and it will just take no space in the kid’s room. Check the source for inspiration on how you will get started with it.


10. Awesome bunk beds

Here is another fantastic idea that will impress your kids. If you believe in doing something that will bring out fun to the kids, the small kids’ bedroom, then you should check the instructions from the source here to help you start over the space-saving furniture idea.


11. The built-in bunk beds

The built-in bunk beds rank among the best space-saving ideas in the kid’s bedroom because the idea factors in everything, not leaving the storage space where your kid will be keeping some of the books and clothes.


12. Triple bunk bed

It is the best space-saving idea that will accommodate three children. This idea is perfect if you have three kids and you want all of them to be comfortable. Check all the instructions for making this cute DIY space-saving idea for your kids’ bedroom.


13. Twin bunks

The idea is lovely, and your kids will always appreciate their palace because it will look like a castle to them. The DIY space-saving idea will perfectly fit a small room since it is a double bed to accommodate two kids.


14. The castle bunk beds

The castle bunk beds are the best space-saving idea that will have everything factored in. It is impressive to note that it will look like a storage cupboard rather than a bed.


15. The three stocked bed

Here is a beautiful space-saving idea in the kid’s bedroom that will accommodate three kids. Check the link for inspiration on how you are going to make this fantastic idea for your kids.



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