We don’t know how electricity works. You probably never needed to know unless you are an electrical engineer or electrician. This lack of knowledge can lead to fatal accidents.

When our home electrical system malfunctions, we don’t understand the signs. By the time we call the electricians, it is often too late. How to know when to call for help? Here are the top six reasons why you might need to call an electrician.

1. Some of Your Lights Flicker

Are you having trouble with flickering lights? People often change their bulbs when the lights start flickering.

People start suspecting paranormal activities when the lights don’t stop flickering after that. Can’t blame them either, as that’s what good old American horror movies have taught us.

However, the real culprit behind flickering light is rarely Casper. The reason why your lights are most likely flickering is faulty wiring. Faulty wiring can lead to serious accidents, so getting them changed is crucial.

When you notice that your lights won’t stop flickering, even after a bulb change, make sure you call any local electrician.

Whether you are looking for a good electrician in Lexington, Kansas, or Bellevue, Washington, you will find one. The country is filled with professionals who know what they are doing. Just make sure you pick the right one.

2. You Get Electric Shocks From Switches or Outlets

Whether you get shocked for the first time or the hundredth time, it never stops being scary. But, electric shocks are often more dangerous than you would think. So you walked out of the bathroom and tried to turn off the lights but somehow ended up enraging the light switch.

If you don’t get it fixed soon, you or your family member might experience a deadly electric shock. It is better to call an electrician soon and get that switch or outlet fixed.

Sometimes a switch or outlet might be faulty but may not give you a shock yet. If you touch an outlet board and feel that it’s hot or warm, the chances are that there is something wrong.

Even if you are not getting shocked now, you might still get shocked in the future. Get it checked by an electrician as soon as possible.

3. Your Circuits Trip Often

What is a Circuit Breaker?

Every home’s electric system has circuits that channel the electrical power into our homes. To safely use these circuits, they need a device that controls and protects them.

A circuit breaker is used to control the circuits so that they can cut off electricity when needed. They protect the circuits from catching fire in case they overheat. The circuits can get damaged or even catch fire when they are overheated.

What Happens When Circuits Trip?

The entire power goes off when circuits are agitated by heat. This is when the circuit breaker “trips” the system and shuts off the power supply.

You have to go to the control panels to manually turn on the circuit to get power back. If your circuit trips often, that means there is some issue in the electrical system that needs to be addressed.

Circuit trips are mainly due to short circuits, overload, or ground fault surges. These can put you and your family at risk, so it is better to call an electrician if your circuits trip frequently.

4. Electrical Surges Ruin Your Electronics

What Causes Power Surges?

Power surges happen when the electrical power coming into your outlets suddenly become higher than usual. This happens when there is a sudden interruption in the supply due to a short. It can also happen when the voltage increases unexpectedly.

Power surges can be caused by electric overload. This happens when too much power is drawn from a single circuit.

You face this when you plug in an appliance or device that runs on more power than the outlet’s capacity. This can also happen when your overuse extension cords by plugging in too many items to draw power from one circuit.

Faulty wiring can cause power surges too. Other causes of power surges include lightning strikes or when the power comes back from a grid failure (regional blackout).

When to Call Electrician After a Power Surge?

We don’t call electricians unless the power surge has fried our circuits, outlets, or appliances. If an outlet stops working or you get a burnt smell after a power surge, you should get it checked by a professional.

When the power surge is being caused by something natural like thunderstorms or outer influences, you don’t have to worry about it. But, if the causes are unknown, you should call an electrician.

5. Fuse Blew Up

Even if you don’t have a circuit breaker, you probably have fuses. The same things that make trips to your breaker can blow up your fuse. Power surges, faulty wires, and overloads are common reasons a fuse might blow up.

Fuse and circuit breakers both protect the electrical circuit. So, if a fuse blows up you will probably lose power in some parts of your house. Fuse is often the cheaper option and works divided into sections.

Sometimes a fuse blowing up can trip the circuit breaker and cause a home blackout. When one of your fuses blows up, you need to call an electrician to get it fixed. Don’t try to do it yourself!

6. No Outlets With Three-prong Grounded Plug Space

When building a home electrical system, a crucial part of it is grounding. Earthing or grounding is connecting your electrical system to the ground. This is done to prevent power surges from hurting people, machines, and outlets.

If your electrical system is not grounded, the stray voltage from a power surge can make your circuit board or outlet catch fire. It can also ruin your appliance or shock bystanders.

One sign that shows that your house is not grounded correctly is that there are not many or any three-prong grounded plug space.

Call an electrician if there is a lack of three-prong grounded plug space and get the electrical grounding system checked. They can advise you on how to proceed and might update the grounding system if needed.

Final Thoughts

Knowing when to call the electrician is crucial to the health of your electrical system. If you have a tripped circuit breaker or blown a fuse, you must call an electrician. They can also help replace faulty wires to prevent damaging your electronics or giving off fatal electric shocks.

We hope these top reasons why you might need to call an electrician helped you learn when to hire help. Your electrical system can be tricky and dangerous, so always ask for help.


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