Like roaches, the presence of mosquitoes in the vicinity of your home means that, well let’s face it, it is not that sanitary or there are pets and people this nasty insect could feed on.

Well, we have mosquito patches, lotions that are specifically made to repel them and all sorts of commercial products to shoo them away but did you know that you could actually plant some plants that will naturally repel them? If you want to know more about this, read on.

What do mosquitoes hate?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of things that mosquitoes hate. First off, they hate smoke and light colors because they make you, the target, look paler.

And most importantly, they hate strong smells like the citronella among others, because for them, these smell pungent in one word is called the lantana (this is not that mentioned so this is a great trivia to know).

Most specifically, mosquitoes hate pleasant smells because it makes them taste the food more bitterly and will also obscure the scent of the prey they will feed on.

Do mosquitoes destroy my garden and potted plants?

In one way or another, yes. Mosquitoes could thrive and lay eggs in the stems of plants. Laying eggs in the plant will be attractive to other destructive pests for the plant like gnats, a type of fungi, that will cause rots, white spots and others.

Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

So now for the most important section of this article, here is a rundown of the plants that you can grow to organically ward off those mosquitoes away for you, your family and pets as well as for your plants.

Most of these plants are herbs that you can use for your dishes, so this is basically a win-win solution.

1. Basil

Aside from being the reason for the existence of pesto sauce and the perfect herb for other scrumptious dishes, mosquitoes hate basil because it is toxic to them as larvae.

This is the reason why you can put your basil in just standing water and leave it in the corners of the house where they mostly niche.

2. Catnip

It is used as one of the most potent repellents for roaches, mites and mosquitoes. This plant has an organic chemical component called the nepetalactone which is found in most commercial mosquito repellant. It has a very strong smell that mosquitoes hate (but is attractive to cats).

3. Citronella

It is perhaps the most widely used main ingredient for many insect and mosquito repellent products like lotions, patches and even candles.

The pleasant, citrusy yet strong smell of citronella masks the odor of a lot of mosquito attractants (for them it may smell like too much carbon dioxide). It is also a good repellent for flies and fleas.

4. Lemongrass

This plant is another good repellent for many insects and pests like roaches, mites, fleas and mosquitoes.

It also releases a very strong smell that mosquitoes hate. This strong, concentrated smell is due to its high citral oil level (which is also the reason why it is good for a lot of soup-based dishes).

5. Marigold

It is fondly dubbed as nature’s insecticide because it could repel a range of insects and pests that are pesky in the garden.

You would normally find them in the edges of gardens. Aside from their bright flowers, mosquitoes also hate the marigold it has pyrethrum, a chemical compound which makes it toxic for pests and insects and is also one of the compounds found in many commercial insect repellents.

6. Sage

It is not only good in making your dishes more aromatic, it is also very beneficial in putting those mosquitoes off.

You will need to plant them so that you will have a steady supply of sage leaves to burn in your fireplace to release that mosquito-repelling scent that it distinctly has. It is used in organic, mosquito-repellent candles.

7. Lavender

This plant is great for many things but mostly for its soothing and calming effect. We all know that lavender is one of the most popular teas and essential oil ingredients ever found.

The lavender is also a great mosquito repellant though. Aside from its purple flowers (which, interestingly, for mosquitoes are bright already), they also have a citronella like smell that mosquitoes hate.

8. Geraniums

For this, choose the scented varieties. Scented geraniums are famous for being mosquito repellent.

Their scent is in between lemon and citronella which are both strong odors. Aside from this, they also bloom bright flowers.

Bright colors and strong scents are what mosquitoes and other insects and pests hate so just imagine how they would feel if you grow a lot of scented geraniums in your house and take them indoors in pots too!


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