Are you an experienced crocheter and you may want to up your skills a little bit? This article is perfect for you. You need to learn these new stitches so that you upgrade your fashion designs to a new level.

The inline crochet flower stitch free patterns exist in several ways, and you will have to choose between the puff stitch, popcorn stitch, the openwork flower stitch and many other amazing inline crochet flower stitches. 

We have selected the fantastic 20 inline crochet flower stitch ideas just for you!

20 Inline Crochet Flower Stitch Free Patterns 

1. The striped rosebud stitch

The striped rosebud stitch


The rosebud stitch is our number one choice in the inline crochet flowers. It’s a stunning crochet idea that is worth practising. Look how cute this idea can be!

2. The puff flower inline stitch

The puff flower inline stitch

Source information: My Picot

You can as well try this inline puff flower stitch! It falls among the best options for those expert crocheters who wish to have something new.

3. Look at this smart crochet window

Look at this smart crochet window

Source information: Debi Dearest

Many inline crochet ideas do excel. The crochet window idea is one of the kinds that shines! We recommend that you try this original pattern.


4. The pop-out inline flower stitch

The pop-out inline flower stitch


The pop-out inline flower stitch is a sweet idea that delivers what inline crocheting is! Why can’t you attempt these patterns? They are a great way to play with crochet stitches.

5. The inline pop out tulip stitch

The inline pop out tulip stitch


The tulip stitches are so famous among the inline crochet ideas. You need to consider the tulip crochet stitch idea for that expert experience.


6. The layered flower stitch

The layered flower stitch


One of the excelling ideas about the inline crochet ideas is the layered inline crochet ideas. Let us play with the beautiful flower stitches!

7. The popcorn flower stitch

The popcorn flower stitch


The cornflower pop stitch is undoubtedly among the best inline flower stitch ideas that you should take a look at! It is perfect, and you need to try it right away!

8. The crochet lattice flower

The crochet lattice flower


We love the crochet lattice flower inline idea for its appealing appearance. This idea will be best when a variety of colours are combined to bring that rare cute appearance!

9. The inline puff flower stitch

The inline puff flower stitch

Source information: Mamachee

Do you love crochet puff ideas? It should be your number one choice! It is high and will warm the hearts of all the crochet lovers. Let us try this cute idea and see what it can give us.

10. The rosebud inline tulip flower stitch

The rosebud inline tulip flower stitch

One option will not be sufficient for you! You need to try more ideas to see if you can get what you want! The rosebud flower stitch is the idea you need to consider.

11. The textured tulip stitch

The textured tulip stitch

Source information: My Picot

The tulip crochet idea can be fantastic when a fine texture is added! Why can’t you think of this perfect textured tulip stitch and see what it can give you!

12. Flower joint stitches

Flower joint stitches

Source information: My Picot

We love flowers. They are even complete when they are joined! You can make this more thrilling by mixing the herbs.

13. Tunisian rose stitch

Tunisian rose stitch

This idea excels in inline crochet ideas. The Tunisian rose stitch idea is not so famous, but the beauty of this art is undeniable!

14. The crochet Cluster flower stitch

The crochet Cluster flower stitch

Source: My Picot

The crochet Cluster flower stitch is one of the beautiful ideas that will be perfect for your inline flower stitch project. It will be a milestone if you successfully manage this art.

15. The inline wildflower stitches

Source: mypicot,

The inline wildflower stitches

Now that you found the astonishing wildflowers, you may want to use this as an art! What do you think? Isn’t it a perfect idea to put this art in crochet?

16. The openwork flower stitch

The openwork flower stitch

Source: My Picot

Have you tried the openwork flower stitch idea? It’s a cute idea that every crocheter will want to taste! In your project for the inline flower stitches, the openwork flower stitch will be great.

17. 3D flower stitch with leaf

3D flower stitch with leaf

Source information: My Picot

The 3D inline flower stitch is one of the most appealing arts! We love the simplicity that this art takes. You need to try it.

18. The rosebud inline idea

Source: My Picot

This idea will also excel. It’s another application of the rosebud ideas in the inline flower ideas. Let us explore these ideas together.

19. The crochet rosebud flower stitch

The crochet rosebud flower stitch


After successfully doing your crochet stitch, place the flower crochet stitches in line to make it more appealing.

20. The beautiful star inline flower idea

The beautiful star inline flower idea


The idea here employs the practical beauty of flowers to design a perfect inline flower.


To conclude, the inline flower crochet patterns are just so many. The list may not end here, but we need to be sure of what we are doing! This list has exhausted the best inline flower idea that is just fit for you!

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