Have you ever been faced with a cluttered garage? It might be messy and chaotic, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! This article will show you how to turn your cluttered garage into a functional space in a couple of easy steps. 

Clear Out All of the Junk

The first step to making your cluttered garage into a functional space is to clear out all of the junk. Whether it is broken bicycles, old lawn mowers, or boxes full of stuff you don’t need, you’ll want to pitch it all out. Pulling everything away from the walls and piling it up in an organized fashion will make the next steps much more manageable.

Writing a mission statement for your garage might help! To create a functional space, you need to decide what that actually means. Is it where you’ll work on your car? Is it going to be a storage place? Decide exactly how you want your garage to function before you start moving things around.

Storage Is Your Friend

Next, you’re going to want some shelves. These can be built-in or portable, but having somewhere to put things will make your garage far more functional than it was before. Shelves are also great for showcasing items that you love while making everything else easily accessible. You can even buy containers that are designed to fit into shelves, so it doesn’t take up any extra space.

On the other hand, maybe it’s time to get those functional and practical cabinets that you always wanted. At garagecabinets.com, you can see cabinets that are customized and made to fit your garage. With tons of different colors and options available, you can make your garage into anything you want!

Arrange Everything Efficiently 

When you finally start moving things into their designated areas, then it’s time to move everything around until it looks nice. You might need to put your tools in a different place than you used to, or your lawnmower might need an upgrade. You probably also noticed that the items you kept were those that were easy to access and fit into specific spaces – do this and you’ll be able to find everything and use it easily!

Also, try not to make your garage too specialized. You might think it’s a good idea to only keep the old bookshelf in your garage, but if you want everything you own available, then try to mix it up! A few shelves can hold all of those unique items that you’re just dying to show off.

Make Sure There’s Enough Space 

A functional space is one that you can use for whatever you want without being cramped or unable to move around. When bringing items into the garage, bring just what you need for now and then purchase more or upgrade as needed. Otherwise, you might find yourself overwhelmed with how much space is available and unable to put everything away.

Try to not cram too many things into one space. You might think that you can fit everything in, but it won’t be very functional if you have to move six different items just to get at something else on the other side of the garage. Again, placing your tools so they’re easy to find is key – don’t waste time looking for things when they should just be readily available!

Don’t Forget About Safety

Safety needs to remain a priority no matter what type of project you’re doing in your garage. Some areas might require special tools while others may need heavy objects moved out of the way. Either way, you need to make sure that you’re safe and that the other people in your home are safe as well. Make sure your garage is free of debris, cords, or anything that could lead to an accident!

Make Your Garage Bigger

If you have a very small space to work with, then you might need to buy some tools that can help! For example, get rid of that old lawnmower and invest in a power tool! Not only will they be easier to use, but they’ll also help you make the most space out of your garage.

You can also add more space by buying the vertical storage shelf that is great for tools and other smaller objects. It can free up so much floor space without compromising on quality or safety! You can paint your garage to make it look different or brighter, as well. And, if you can, consider adding more squares so you have more room to work.

So, these are steps that will turn your cluttered garage into a functional space. First, get some shelves for your garage so you can properly organize everything. Second, start arranging all of your items just how you want them to be easily accessible. Third, try not to make the garage too specialized and only keep items that are easy to access. Fourth, make sure there is enough space in the garage so you aren’t stuck unable to move around! Lastly, don’t forget about safety when doing projects in the garage!


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