A necklace featuring a LEGO man or woman is both fun and unusual, plus it is cheap and easy to make at home.

This necklace is so simple to make as it uses an existing necklace chain which the prepared mini figure can be threaded onto. They are so easy and quick to put together that a small collection of figures for different occasions can be created.

The mini figures can be picked up in toy shops or online very cheaply while jewellery making equipment can be found in arts and craft stores or bead shops.

What is Needed to Make a LEGO Necklace

  • LEGO mini figure
  • 1 head pin
  • 1 jump ring
  • 1 necklace chain

Tools Required to Make LEGO Jewellery

  • Round nose jewellery/craft pliers
  • Long nose jewellery/craft pliers
  • Super glue

LEGO Figures Wearing Hats

If the LEGO person is wearing a hat a mini soldering iron or pin tool will be required to make a hole in the top to allow the wire to be threaded through. A work bench or other suitable surface will be needed to work on whilst making the hole. Usually hats have a rounded shape inside where it fits onto the head and this can be used as a guide when making the hole.

When using a mini soldering iron it should be heated until ready to use and then pressed against the inside of the hat until it melts a hole through the plastic. Alternatively a pin tool this can be pushed through the inside to create a hole.

Making the LEGO Necklace

Once a hole has been created in the hat or if the figure is not wearing one it is time to put the necklace together. After taking the figures head off a head pin can be pushed through one of the holes in the top, if they are wearing a hat it must be pushed through this too. The flat bottom of the head pin is larger than the holes on the inside of the head therefore this will keep the figure attached.

The wire sticking through the top of the figures head or hat now needs to form a loop as close to the plastic as possible. To do this it is best to hold the wire using the round nose pliers while using the long nose pliers to wrap the excess wire around their circular nose. The wire can be wrapped around twice for extra security before cutting off the excess length.

A jump ring can now be added to the loop that has just been created. The ring can be opened and closed using a pair of pliers in each hand. All that is left now is to place a dab of super glue onto the figures neck and attach the head and body together. An existing chain can be threaded through the jump ring to complete the necklace.


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