If you live in a modern house, you´ve most certainly chosen a style of interior that matches the design of the building. If you live in a charming old building, you probably take up the unique style of the architecture in your furniture and décor. While most people are pretty clear about what kind of style they’d like to follow within their own walls, many are unsure about how to create a feel-good atmosphere in their backyard.

Types of Garden Furniture

Have you ever visited the website of Schulze Outdoor Living? It is filled with high-quality outdoor furniture. Going through the various items, you´ll realize that there are a lot of different types and styles of furniture for your garden, deck or balcony.

Most people purchase a nice outdoor dining table with matching chairs. Others prefer to invest in a day bed or a nice lounger, while their friends may go for a Hollywood swing. Lounge suites are almost as popular as regular dining suites. Among these types of products, you’ll find different styles that go from classical or puristic to modern or even pompous. Scrolling through a long list of high-quality garden furniture can prevent us from seeing the wood for the trees. Instead of waiting for the perfect sitting group show up in your search results, try to put the cart before the horse:

Look at your backyard and try to figure out what style of furniture it longs for. You should never try to impose a certain design on your garden. Instead, try to work with what´s there. The coolest lounge suite won’t look good in a run wild country garden. And traditional furniture with all kinds of ornaments and patterns won´t integrate in a straight-line modern garden.

Furniture for Unadulterated Gardens

Gardens that are rather natural often show a playful style that you can easily pick up when setting up your garden furniture. How about a sunbed with a curvy design? When going for a sitting group, make sure it’s not too modern and fits in well. Light colors and natural materials like wood work wonders and underline the specific charm of your backyard.

Furniture for Modern Gardens

Many new houses are constructed in a very straight and puristic style. Lounge furniture is practically made for gardens that pick up the modern style of the house that goes with it – the edgier, the better. You can loosen up the final look by adding outdoor rugs in earthy colors or decorative pillows. If you crave for a look that´s a little more natural, how about a planted deck border? Ornamental grasses, succulents and other green plants work wonders with an otherwise monotone deck.

Furniture for Townhouse Gardens

In many cases, townhouses come with a rather small backyard. If it´s well-groomed and accurate, do make sure to choose furniture that loosens the style up without breaking it. If the backyard is rather natural, the right choice of furniture can add a little quiet to an otherwise lively look. Small dining suites and a decent sunbed can upgrade your townhouse garden in a heartbeat.

Furniture for Balconies

Most balconies are rather small, of course, which means that the size of the furniture should be the main criteria for you. But apart from size, looks are essential. If the balcony furniture is in proportion to the rest of the balcony, it can help make the balcony seem bigger. Avoid bold furniture styles and stick with delicate pieces instead. Make sure they’re easily movable, too. That way, you can rearrange the balcony any time you need more space for other things.

Gardens Are Outdoor Living Spaces

If you don’t try to impose a certain style on your garden, you should be able to create a wonderful feel-good oasis for yourself. Your backyard is like that extra room to your apartment that you´ve been wishing for – treat it as such by picking your outdoor furniture wisely.


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