Perle Von Nurnberg is one of the best houseplants that forms evergreen fleshy leaves. It belongs to the genus Echeveria. They are the best houseplants for window displays, though it can be impressive to have them I conservatory gardens.

The foliage of the Perle Von Nurnberg makes them attractive. Everyone admires the pale, blue-green colors which have a pink mottling at the edges. Perle Von Nurnberg that is pinkish is youthful. The plant can survive many conditions.


There are simple steps that will guide you when planting it. All you need are well-drained pots with a suitable type of soil. Be careful to place your pots carefully in sun-facing directions.

Watering is vital, but you need to do this depending on the seasons. Succulent do not need lots of watering lest it starts rotting.

When to plant

The plant is like any other succulent plant, and it will be prudent to plant it during the spring and summers. The seasons with full to partial sun are suitable for planting Perle Von Nurnberg.

If you stay in warm places, it will thrive well outdoors. If your region is cold, then it will be better to grow it as an indoor plant.

Where to plant

The plant can survive in both indoor and outdoor conditions. All you need to do is ensure that it is getting optimal conditions. If you grow it outside your house, make sure that you are growing it in a garden with well-draining soils. It should also be receiving partial direct and indirect sun.

How to plant

Planting the plant is easy. Use the pots of different sizes where you will fill with gritty soils or sandy soils. Carefully cultivate the succulent plants and place them nicely in a place that will give them sufficient sunlight.

In instances where you are in frosty regions, you should make sure that you protect them from frost.

Care for Perle Von Nurnberg

You want your succulent plant to grow nicely. It means that you will be careful with the type of soil, sunlight, and fertilizer requirements. Consider the following factors that must be fulfilled for your Perle Von Nurnberg to thrive well.

Soil and fertilizer

Succulent plants do not need a lot of feeding since they have an adaptation to arid conditions. You can only add some soluble fertilizers during summers and springs if you want it to be livelier.

The best soil that will support its growth is well-draining soils with a gritty texture. If you place it in soil with poor drainage, then your plant can rot due to infestation by fungal diseases.

Sun-light, and water

Your plant will thrive well when t is growing in conditions of direct sunlight. To be at the safest place, be sure to plant it in an area that receives partial to full sunlight for at least 6 hours. Watering may not be necessary, though you should be ready to water it when the soil dries up. Do not overwater it.

Humidity and temperature

The plant can thrive in low to average humid conditions. Warm temperatures will enhance the growth while extreme temperatures can damage it.


Repotting is necessary for soil aeration. You can do this after a few years say two or three. The best time to repot is during the summer.

Wait until the soil is dry, then transfer the plant to the next pot with suitable soils and conditions. Before replacing it on a container, make sure that you wipe the roots.

Pruning and propagation

You can use both stem and leaf cuttings for propagation. If you decide to us eth leaf cuttings, you should remove all part of the leaves. The side that will grow the roots is the section between the stem and leaves.

Dry it for some time, and allow it to wither. It will grow roots and rosettes. Stem cuttings are the best for propagation. It follows the same propagation method for leaves. You will only need to stick it upright on the soil and take care of it until it grows roots.

Pests and diseases

The disease that can affect the Perle Von Nurnberg is root decay. It results from overwatering the plant. The Rot is resulting from infestation by fungi that are responsible for root decay.

The common pest that affects the succulent plant is the mealybugs, scale insects, and aphids. You can use an insecticide and fungicides to protect against pests and diseases.


Perle Von Nurnberg is an excellent indoor and outdoor houseplant that you won’t regret when you have it in your house. It is beautiful to plant and also easy to maintain. Take good care of your plant, and remove the rotting regions for repotting so that you don’t propagate the disease to t your new plant.



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