You should extend your living room to your patio by getting started with outdoor table ideas. It is always interesting to have outdoor tables that will be great during outdoor coffee hours.

You can also use the table during snack time. Check out the source here to get inspiration on how you can get started with each of them. They are the 15 best outdoor table ideas.

1. The artist pallet

The artist pallet is the best outdoor DIY table design that you should have outside your porch. Everything about the pallet table is enticing, and it is also easy to make it. The repurposed-pallet wood is cute, and you will be happy to use them for making the outdoor table.


2. Coffee table

Here is a beautiful coffee table that will be perfect for outdoor purposes. You will admire four hidden side tables that make it more an item of fun outdoor furniture than a table itself. Check out the source for all the details on how to make the table.


3. Picnic table that converts to benches

The picnic table that converts to benches is an outdoor table idea that you can do at home at your own time. All the steps to follow are simple. A picnic table that converts to benches is what you deserve on your patio. Check and start over this project.


4. DIY sandbox picnic table

The DIY picnic table is an enticing idea that you ought to try during your free time. You can refer to the instructions from the source to help you get started with the project. You won’t need a woodworker on this because everything is easy.


5. DIY outdoor cabion table set

Take a look at the instructions on how to make an outdoor cabion table on your patio. It is the best patio table that will add to your outdoor furniture. You will happily take your café outside your house while enjoying the fresh air.


6. DIY glow in the dark table

It is a design that will glow during the night hours. It will be interesting to have outdoor furniture that will be glowing during dark hours. Check out the instructions that will guide you to make this cute DIY outdoor table.


7. DIY kid’s picnic table

The DIY kid’s picnic table will be practical during the kid’s event. If you hope to hold your child’s birthday, you should be thinking about the outdoor event. It will be interesting to have an outdoor event using DIY furniture like the Kid’s DIY table.


8. Pallet dining table

Here are the DIY instructions that will guide you to make a Pallet DIY table. Every step is simple, and you don’t have to call an expert woodworker to get started with the work. All the steps are available from the source here to get you to make a DIY table.


9. DIY side table umbrella stand

The DIY side table umbrella stand is among the best DIY table ideas you should try on your porch. It is easy, follow the source and get started with the project.


10. Wire spool metal tub coffee table

The wire spool metal tub coffee table is another excellent DIY idea for people who enjoys doing something new on their patio. All the steps on how to make the table are available, and you won’t be doing these things from scratch.


11. Reclaimed style DIY table

You can get inspiration from the reclaimed style DIY table by considering the ideas from the source here. The table idea attempts to make your patio space big, but of course, you should focus on the reclaimed table designs from the link.


12. Two for one DIY table design

Here is an excellent outdoor table design that will make your patio look impressive. Everything about this idea will impress you because you will have to fully embrace the idea to make that cute living room outside your porch.


13. The Jig is up the idea

You need lots of ideas that will help you make the right choice when designing your outdoor table. The chic is-up idea could be a perfect DIY idea that will serve well as an outdoor table. Check out eh source to inspire you on everything you need to know about the DIY idea.


14. Weekend picnic table project

The weekend picnic table project is another DIY outdoor table idea you should consider. Check the source for inspiration and do something.


15. DIY patio table with inbuilt drink coolers

Here is another excellent idea that will be great for people who enjoy drinks outside their living room. The picnic table has some inbuilt drink coolers to help you keep your drinks.



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