How will you like to get started with e greenhouse DIY project? You may have been wondering how some people can maintain the freshness in their vegetables all year round.

The secret is a DIY greenhouse project that does everything. The greenhouse provides a stable environment that will help retain the freshness of the vegetables. Take a look at the 15 DIY greenhouse ideas that you can start at home.

1. A greenhouse using old antique windows

Using old antique windows is the easiest idea that you can try at home. It is the project that uses the old windows to make a square housing for your greenhouse. You will create a door, and then get a horse pipe in it for easy watering.


2. Cedar branch greenhouse

DIY projects are always about the simple things we can do with materials in our homes. The cedar branch greenhouse is another smart idea that uses a cold frame that serves as a mini greenhouse.

You can rely on the mini greenhouse during the cold seasons but make sure that you remove it during the warm seasons.


3. Using storm windows to make a greenhouse

Do you have some old storm windows in your old store? It is time to try something new with this material that you may have deemed useless.

All the steps you will have to follow to get the work done are simple. Check out the source link for inspiration on how to start over the DIY greenhouse project.


4. CD case greenhouse

CD case greenhouse is among the cute ideas that you will need to try especially if you always have the heart for a greenhouse. You don’t have to think so much about the expensive requirements that make up the greenhouse. Check the source below and get inspiration for everything you need to know about it.


5. Plastic bottles greenhouse

Do you stay in a place where plastic bottles are available, and you are just thinking about a greenhouse? It could be an opportunity for you to use plastic bottles. Check out the source below and learn the steps on making a plastic bottle greenhouse.


6. Removable cover greenhouse

Making a removable cover greenhouse is easy. You will only need a ground frame that will hold the removable cover greenhouse. The purpose of the ground frame is to protect the burrowing pests from interfering with your cover. Check out the steps from the source below for real inspirations about the DIY greenhouse project.


7. Frame shaped wooden greenhouse

The frame-shaped wooden greenhouse looks nice, and all you will need are the wooden frames. You need a conventional height to allow for a better space for the growth of plants.

Check out the instructions from the source and see if you can get started with the greenhouse project.


8. The fold-down greenhouse

The fold-down greenhouse is another project that you should start right away. It is a convenient project that won’t demand a lot from you. You can be sure to have a beautiful garden without any worries about any weather.

Check the source for real inspirations about everything you need to know about the fold-down greenhouse.


9. Geodome greenhouse plan

Here is a cute free greenhouse plan which you can try at home. The Geodome greenhouse is a cute idea that you will love doing since it looks attractive to the eye. It will discharge the greenhouse functions that you intend to use it.

Get all the instructions from the northern homestead on steps on how to go about the Geodome greenhouse.


10. Low-cost greenhouse plan

The greenhouse budget can be so high, and you are just not ready to incur all the costs. What if you try a low-cost greenhouse project that will cost less than 50 dollars?

You have some materials already at your disposal, meaning that you can still cut out the costs. Check the instructions from the source here.


11. Free greenhouse plan

If you can master the tips from the howtospecialist, then you can easily depend on them for a free greenhouse plan. It only takes a few days before the project is ready. IT is a DIY greenhouse project that will effectively discharge the roles of a greenhouse.


12. Arched PVC greenhouse

The arched PVC greenhouse is the best DIY greenhouse project that you should try ta home. It uses complete PVC pipes to erect cute greenhouse plans.

Check out the steps from the source below ad see if you can save some dollars which you could have otherwise invested on an elaborate greenhouse.


13. Barn greenhouse

Have you tried the barn-style greenhouse? It is a free DIY greenhouse that has all the instructions from the source below.

It’s a cute project that will help you maintain your crops. All the materials that it uses are easy to get since it uses corrugated metals and the plastic on the sides.


14. Straw bale greenhouse

Here is a cute DIY greenhouse project that will only need you to spend on the materials you will use for roofing.

The rest are available at home, and it will be a cost-effective greenhouse project that you will always love. Check out all details from the source link below.


15. Little window greenhouse plan

Little window greenhouse plan ranks among the best DIY greenhouse plans that you will want to try at home.

If you have the old little windows that may seem less useful, you can modify them to make a nice DIY greenhouse project. Check the instructions from the source attached here.



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