A closet is used to store our clothes and other things to help us get around easier and just make less of a mess around the house in general but what happens when you accumulate too many clothes over time and is having a hard time organizing your messy closet?

We will give you 20 DIY closet organizing hacks to help you get back on track. Let’s start!

20 DIY Closet Organizing Hacks

1. Install Clothing Dividers in Your Closet


By making your own divider tags, you can easily categorize your clothes from their sizes or what type of clothing it is. Make sure it’s easy to hang for your convenience.

2. Make A Rack to Hang Additional Clothes With


Build your own rack to separate any additional clothes you have, or separate clothes you wear frequently to easily get them and not make a mess in your closet.

3. Add A Hidden Hamper in Your Closet


Build yourself a hidden hamper so you can keep your floor free of clothing, you can also place your laundry in this hamper.

4. Use Soda Can Tabs to Hang Multiple Garments on One Hanger


Recycle and make use of leftover soda can tab by placing them on the hanger’s handle to give you an additional option to hang your clothes so you can minimize the space your clothes are occupying in your closet.

5. Make Use of Shower Rings


For garments such as scarfs or bras, you often find yourself wasting the use of a single hanger for the garment, make use of shower rings to maximize the use of a single hanger and hold these garments individually.

6. Make Use of Chains


It may not look pretty but using chains can significantly organize your clothes by allowing multiple hangers to be hung in one line making it easier to organize clothes.

7. Make Use of Vertical Spaces e.g. the side of Your Shoe Stand, etc.


If you have shelves or shoe stands make use of the vertical spaces, place hooks on it to hang various accessories such as bags, jewelry, belts, and more.

8. Use Shoe boxes to Organize Clothes


If you have drawers in your closet, place shoe boxes inside the drawers to help you organize and categorize your clothes easier.

9. Use Reusable Labels


Make use of reusable labels if you’re sharing your closet with someone else. You can use small chalkboards to separate your clothes, accessories, and other things from theirs to avoid unnecessary mess.

10. Install Rods on The Closet’s Door


Install rods on the closet’s door for additional space to hang your accessories such as hats, scarfs, and more. So, you can place more clothes in your closet.

11. Place Your Shoes in Cubbies


Keep your shoes off the floor and place them in cubbies if you have them in your closet or make a simple cubicle to place your shoes in to easily find what you want to wear.

12. Make Use of Wine Boxes to Organize Your Shoes In

It’s always a good idea to recycle, make use of big old boxes and use them as a shoe organizer so you can easily find what you want to wear next.

13. Use Strings to Hang Your Glasses


Hang your sunglasses or glasses on a wire to save up space on your drawers and easily find what you want to use.

14. Use an Old Picture Frame to Organize Shoes


Make use of your old picture frames by putting them under your drawers where you can easily place your shoes, thus minimizing space consumed in the closet.

15. Make Your Own Drawer Organizers


Create your own colorful drawer organizers for your accessories or other smaller garments with the use of scrapbook paper.

16. Use Tension Poles 

Say goodbye to shoe explosions because with the use of tension poles you can easily make your very own shoe organizer, these are inexpensive and are readily accessible in hardware stores.

17. Use Acrylic Holders


Display your clutches and purses in acrylic holders that you can easily place on the wall of your closet.

18. Hang Metal Catchalls on Your Walls


Install these convenient carries on your walls or door to place your smaller garments or bags.

19. Practice Color Coordination


Color coordinate your containers to easily identify where your different clothing is stored.

20. Use Every Nook and Cranny of The Closet


Use all spaces in your closet to maximize storage space and for it to be easier to organize, such as placing your shoes at the bottom and bags at the top.


We hope these 20 DIY Closet Organizing Hacks helped in organizing your closet and maximize storage space to avoid being late for work or school. Say goodbye to unwanted messes with these hacks.


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