Most types of windows can last 20 or more years. After this, they may start to show signs that you should replace them.

If you’re looking at new windows for your home, you’ll be pleased to find there are a variety of options available. Whether you want a type that is very functional or one that simply adds aesthetic interest, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

Let’s take a look at the types of windows you can choose for your home.

Single-Hung Windows

In single-hung windows, the bottom panel is able to slide up or down, but the top panel stays fixed in place. These types of windows are affordable, simple, and effective. This makes them the most common choice for residential windows. 

Double-Hung Windows

As their name suggests, you can move both panels of double-hung windows. The top panel can move down and the bottom panels can move up. This flexibility can be helpful in getting adequate airflow into your home.

Double-hung windows are also one of the most common window options. If you’re looking at vinyl replacement windows, be sure to ask about single vs double-hung options for vinyl replacement windows.


Awning windows are not as common but can be a good choice for areas that have frequent rain. There is a hinge at the top of the frame. Instead of sliding up or down, the window swings outwards by this hinge.

The result allows you to open the window even while rain is falling outside.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows provide a lot of visual interest in a room. They are usually made of a few window panels placed together. These panels then protrude outward from the walls.

Bay and bow windows provide a small shelf of space underneath. This can be a great place for a window seat or to set up houseplants.

Picture window

If you have a beautiful view, a picture window may be the perfect way to frame it. These windows are large and do not open. However, they allow a lot of light to flow in and provide a clear view of your surroundings.


If you want to add a bit of stylistic flair without the space of bay or bow windows, consider an arched window. These types of windows are usually fixed, so they don’t open. However, they add interest and are perfect for traditionally styled spaces.


Casement windows are usually hinged on either side. They open outwards using a crank.

This type of window usually uses a solid glass panel. This is a great way to create a view with less obstruction.


Egress window installation is usually done as an emergency escape route in basements. They are placed high on the wall to come up to or above ground level. Because of the additional privacy and air circulation, this makes them a great choice for basement bathrooms.

Glass Block

Glass block windows are not as much a functional type of window as they are a design element. These fixed windows cannot open and therefore do not increase air circulation. However, they can allow more light and interest into a room and can be a good addition in bathrooms.


Transom windows are small decorative windows that are installed above doors and other windows. In most cases, transom windows do not open. They are most often seen in upscale and older homes.

Understand the Types of Windows Available

Choosing replacement windows can be a bit overwhelming at first. But when you take the time to understand the different types of windows you can choose, you’ll soon discover the perfect option for your home.

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