It is valentine’s season, and you should be thinking about the best valentine’s gift ideas that will be best for your loved one. Crochet valentine heart gifts free patterns are the best you can ever find.

It is meaningful when you take time to craft something yourself than purchasing the ready ones from the store! Maybe you are not sure how you will get started with it, the crochet valentine heart gift free patterns below will give you a set to select.

1. Heart-shaped storage baskets

The heart-shaped storage basket crochet design is elegant. The steps you will have to follow when crafting it are simple. It has never been that fun passing the message of love through a basket that carries the heart to show love!

The basket could be great for your lover. It will serve to carry small belongings even as you stroll around on your valentine’s eve.


2. Sweetheart pouch crochet bag

Another excellent heart gift free pattern for valentine is the beautiful sweetheart pouch. Take a tie to craft a unique crochet pouch this valentine and forget the old style. Do things differently bypassing the message of love in everything you carry.

A sweetheart pouch crochet basket is the best gift that your lady love can cherish.


3. Heart granny square crochet

Granny crochets are undoubtedly the best. You may have come across many granny crochets with flowers and all sorts of patterns, but for valentine, you can use a heart instead of a flower!

The heart granny square crochets are not limited, and you can always take your adventures to the next level and get something that no one expects during Valentine’s.

4. Heart-shaped pillow crochet

Your valentines should be unique in everything. If your bedroom and living room is full of other sorts of pillows, this will be an opportunity to replace them with heart-shaped valentine crochet pillows.

The message of love should exist even when you are sleeping. Heart-shaped pillow crochet is an option that you can buy for your lover this valentine.


5. C2C cushion crochet

The love heart C2C cushion crochet is the best you can have in your living room for the valentine. The cuteness with this project is, it will accord you with limitless opportunities where you can opt to make proper use of many colors to crochet a heart Patten in the pillow.

The C2C crochet pattern is quite appealing, and it won’t be a disappointment in your living room.


6. Heart baby blanket pattern

If you are tired of carrying multiple strands of yarn and you need smart crochet for your valentine, then the heart baby blanket pattern could be the best choice for you.

The blanket design utilizes a reversible image crochet technique. It is fascinating to develop identical clear images that come in different colors!


7. Heart infinity scarf

The crochet pattern is quite adorable when it covers your neck. It is a beautiful neck warmer that will look great during the valentine’s night out. You can increase the beauty of the heart infinity scarf by using a variety of colors. You only need to choose the colors that will impress you and your lover.

Source: Craftsbyamanda or yarnspirations

8. Amigurumi heart crochet

Crocheting is fun, and it is all about coming up with new patterns. This valentine’s will be great if you will try the beautiful Amigurumi heart crochets patterns. You don’t need a full yarn to make it.

The remnants of yarn can do it nicely. They are tiny small heart patterns that will serve for the valentine.


9. Hearts clutch tapestry

The hearts clutch tapestry will be great for the crochets who needs to try something complex. Did you know that you can try more than two colors at a time?

The hearts clutch tapestry will accord you that golden opportunity to try a new pattern that will appear like a jewel for your valentine. You can try three or more colors to be on the better side of fun.


10. Heart coaster crochet

The heart coaster crochet pattern is practical crochet you can have it after six rounds. One of these heart coaster crochets won’t be enough. You can try as much as you can to make a set of different colors. This way, you get a real feel of what the crocheting can do.


11. The crochet heart bag

Your valentine’s days will get better with a touch of romance. The crochet heart bag will fulfil the yearning that you want for valentine. It is fun shape looks quite appealing, and it can still be a nice outfit even in other seasons. You need to know crocheting tips to make this cute pattern.


12. Puff stitch baby blanket

The beginners will find this crochet hard to make, but, for experts, it will be a walkover. The motifs that make it up are the same, and you will only need 25 of them.

You can increase the beauty of your puff stitch baby blanket by using varying colors to make motifs. Try this beautiful valentine crochet that looks appealing to the eye.


13. The conversation heart Garland

It is valentine, and you may be thinking about how you will crochet a personalized message to your loved one. It is not that hard because the conversation heart garland can do it for you. This beautiful conversation heart garland will help you develop a personalized message to your loved one. You can increase the beauty by employing varying colors.


14. The circle heart motif

This pattern is cute. The lovely circle colors at the center of a heart pattern look impressive. Getting more sets and joining them together even adds to the beauty. It will be a great design on your sofa or even the clothes you will wear during valentine’s eve.


15. Modern hearts baby blanket

The last piece on our list is the modern heart baby blanket. This baby blanket pattern is lovely when you use cute colors. The tapestry style of use is the reason the yarn ends are minimum. It could be the best valentine’s gift idea that you can surprise your love.


There are endless valentine heart gifts free patterns for you. You only need to look more for what will best suit your day!



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