How do you like the crochet baskets? Rainbow crochet baskets look nice for people who love crocheting.

Check the source links here for real insights on how you are going to crochet the pattern. The instructions are simple, and we have assembled 15 crochet patterns for you to try.

1. Chevron crochet basket

Chevron crochet basket is the best ideas that you can try with easy steps to follow. This basket can hold several items including your food and fruits. Chevron crochet is a smart crochet basket. Check the source here for inspirations on how you will go about it.


2. Macramé cord basket

Macramé cord basket ranks among the best ideas that will make your leisure hours to be enjoyable. You can make your dull space to bright by hanging the beautiful macramé baskets in the wall. Doing the project is easy, and you can always refer to the source for inspiration.


3. Crochet mermaid Easter basket

The Easter holiday is around the corner. You need to start a project about the gifts for the Easter season. The crochet mermaid Easter basket is a smart option that you can try. The knitting steps are easy, and it won’t be hard even for beginners.


4. 1-hour crochet basket

If you have very little time to do a crochet basket, a 1-hour crochet basket will be the option for you. This basket is easy to do, and it takes a short time to get the work done. Check out eh source here for the inspirations about it.


5. Teddy bear crochet basket

The Teddy bear crochet basket is among the cute designs you want to give a try. It is a cute basket for beginners, though it not limited to them. Every knitting step seems reachable, and you can always refer if you find challenges doing it.


6. Bonny crochet basket

Bonny crochet basket is cute. It uses a small yarn and has a red yarn that surrounds the edge. Here is a link that will inspire you while you are getting started with the idea. It is a nice gift for people who enjoys everything about crocheting.


7. Moroccan crochet basket

Moroccan crochet basket is a cute design that resembles a pot. You won’t realize it until you see the handles. It is cute, and it will be a nice project for crochet lovers who always appreciates everything with crochets.


8. Santa free crochet

The bulky weight red yarn that makes the Santa free crochet basket is enticing. All details about it are smart, and your loved ones will appreciate it as a gift. Check the knitting instructions from the source below and start over the project.


9. Ombre rectangle crochet basket

Ombre rectangle crochet basket is another smart basket design for crochet lovers. It will be holding several supplies for you. You don’t have to spend money buying it. Check the knitting instructions from the source and do it yourself at home.


10. Woodland moss chunky basket

The woodland moss chunky basket is among the cute crochet design that you can try. We love the features and the ease that it gives to crocheters. Take a look at the steps from the source here to inspire you as you begin the project.


11. Storage basket crochet pattern

The storage basket crochet pattern is a smart design that will help you keep your supplies including the yarns, hooks and other crocheting equipment. Don’t worry if you are a beginner because the steps you will be following as easy.


12. The mini basket crochet pattern

The mini basket crochet pattern is a smart project for beginners. It is small and can only hold a few things. You can use the basket for decorative purposes. Take a look at the simple steps and try out something to change the look in your house.


13. Mini nesting basket patterns

The mini nesting basket patterns is a steady type of basket that you can make by wrapping the Bernat yarn over the plastic canvas. Check the source here for the inspirations so that you can start over the project. It is easy, and it won’t cost you lots of your time.


14. Free Easter basket pattern

The free Easter basket pattern is among the smart free crochet basket designs that you can try at home. The knitting steps are easy to follow. You can try this gift and give it out as a gift during the Easter session. It is the best crochet for crochet lovers.


15. Tidy up crochet basket

Finally, the tidy up crochet basket is another option for you to try. You want some elegant patterns to decorate your house? Check the crochet basket design here and see if you can do it for your friends.



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