Crocheting has always been fun. You can now explore lots of possibilities with the power of a stitch.

Little girl circle vest sweeter is the next adventure that you will want to try. Here are the 15 vest crochet ideas that you can try at home. They are simple and yet elegant ideas.

1. Girl’s circle vest

The little girl circle vest is a beautiful knit for your baby girl. It is easier to crocheting with the vest. All you need is to decide on the type of stitch that you will use.

If you make a loose vest, then you may need a few cakes. The middle flower center is enticing. It is the point where you will start your project. The edges also look great and will fit many sizes.


2. Crochet circle Shrug

The crochet circle shrug is a piece that elaborates the beauty of crocheting. The little girl circle vest sweater makes good use of colors and patterns.

The design crochets all patterns together to form an outstanding piece that pleases the eye. If you love crocheting, you should borrow this cute idea and produce something out of it.


3. Hippie vest shrug cardigan

If you know how to do a double crochet, the hippie vest shrug will be easy for you. The crochet will be perfect for a 5-year-old, though there are instances where some knitters will attempt to produce something that will fit a crown-up.

You can do whatever pleases you with it. It may not be smart in many colors, but be creative and place colors where it fits.


4. Circle block vest

Even the old yarn left after a heavy-duty project can still do something. It is always easier to create circle crochet, but if you can get creative a bit, you will end up with a cute circle block vest! Make better use of colors, and there you can get a beautiful circle vest for your five-year-old baby.


5. Sunshine circle vest

Sunshine circle vest is another little girl vest pattern. The stitches, patterns, and design are so cute, and you won’t stop admiring your baby with this piece. The steps to make it isn’t that a challenge; it is all about mixing up patterns and colors and following the steps.


6. Ring around the Rosie vest

All you need to do this great patter is a worsted weight yarn, a crochet hook, and a yarn needle. The crochet is best for toddlers from the age of 3 to 6 years, but you can still improve to make an adult-sized Rosie. The pattern is gorgeous, and you won’t find it hard to make it following its simplicity.


7. Crochet fall forest sweater crochet

The cutest design though many people will think that it is only for adults! It is not true; it is arguable correct to say it is resizable and you can make it for your little kid. This design is excellent, and it won’t require a bulky yarn considering many free spaces between it.


8. Crochet flower power circle vest

You will need a stash yarn to crochet this or rather a yarn. You will also need a larger hook because you will be crocheting a larger size. The power vest is enticing, considering the beautiful colors that make up the crochet. You can reduce the size a little bit because it will stretch after wearing it for some time.


9. Crochet Dreamcatcher circle

This crochet is easy to design. It needs an average size of yarn, and the steps that to follow is easy. You can resize it according to the intended size, making it possible to have one for the old and the young.


10. Bella circle waistcoat 

Bella circle waistcoat is an excellent Little Girl Circle Vest Sweater Coat Free Patterns with a simple but cute pattern. If you want to resize it to fit a bigger person, the steps are reachable. Your toddler kid will admire this pattern. Don’t hesitate to knit it.


11. Lotus mandala circular vest

The lotus Mandala pattern looks nice for the kid. It is a beautiful kid’s free pattern that you can do at home. The sweater coat can fit older people because it is resizable.


12. Girls shrug

The girl shrug is among the cute little girl patterns that you can try at home. The shrug is quite appealing ad it won’t take lots of skills to have it done. If you can get a yarn, a knitting hook, and time, it is possible to have it in all sizes. The design will look nice for toddlers and adults.


13. The baby sweater

Baby crochet sweater is one of the best patterns that you can make for your kid. The butterfly boleros look quite appealing to the eye, and it is suitable for kids considering how butterflies will always attract the minds of the kids. You will need a thin cotton yarn and a knitting hook.


14. Julia sweater

An excellent cute little girl pattern is Julia’s sweater which needs a bulky size of yarn. All features are quite appealing from the shawl collar. It will look nice when it folds in the shoulders. The pattern is adorable and yet easy to follow. Try this for a child; it could be a nice birthday gift.


15. Blue sky Cardi

This little cute baby pattern is appealing. Start working on it from a square where you will allow spaces for sleeves. The front panels will be larger; where its size should be close to that of the back. You will then work on it on rounds from armpits and all other parts.




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