Who doesn’t just love the Amigurumi bunny toys? The crochet Amigurumi bunny toys are the best toys that will welcome the spring.

There are several fantastic amigurumi toys that you will surely appreciate here. As a crocheter, you will admire the amigurumi toys, for they deliver what every crocheter will admire!

Let’s consider the fantastic 10 crochet amigurumi bunny toy free patterns that we have selected for you!

19 Crochet Amigurumi Bunny Toy Free Patterns

1. Simpleton, the rabbit


The simpleton, the rabbit, is our first Crochet Amigurumi idea that we believe is simply the best. It’s all about fun patterns, and we chose the rabbit as our first idea that we need to consider!

2. Amigurumi flappy ear bunny


Stitches can do so well in designing some playful patterns! Look how appealing it can be when the crochet is used for the flappy ear bunny?

3. Let us talk about crochet Amigurumi bunny in dress ideas


Yes, it’s what this amazing Amigurumi crochet idea can deliver! Look at this when you design the amigurumi dress? It is very appealing, and it will be helpful when you create it.

4. How about the Valentin Bunny?


We love all the crochet ideas! They are amazing, and you will only need different kinds of colors to pass the message for the day! Look how cute the Valentin bunny appears?

5. Have you ever heard of scraptacular rabbits?


They are part of the best amigurumi bunny ideas that every crocheter should try! We love these pieces of art, for it depicts the real architecture of amigurumi bunny ideas.

6. The spring bunny ragdoll


The spring bunny will be amazing in the spring seasons. Why can’t you celebrate your spring with this fantastic art?

7. The amigurumi bunny in the hoodie


The rabbit in a hoodie is another cute idea that excels. It is a beautiful thing to play with crochet ideas and patterns. We recommend that you try this idea, for it is lovely.

8. The small Amigurumi bunny


Amigurumi patterns will always imitate the animals. Look at this little Amigurumi? What do you think it is? We love tiny animals, and that’s why we are using crochet ideas to portray our love for animals.

9. Springtime dresses me bunny!


The dress me bunny is another lovely idea. You need to try this crochet idea. It’s fun and fashionable to do crocheting with Amigurumi ideas.

10. Now, it’s time for Amigurumi baby bunny!


What a lovely idea to design the babies using the art of Amigurumi! You can choose between boys and girls!

11. The gentleman bunny!


The gentleman bunny is undoubtedly one of the best crochet ideas when it comes to amigurumi ideas. All crocheters will wish to give it a try!

12. Did you know that you can have the Robbie rabbit?


Robbie’s rabbit art is impressive! Who doesn’t like this rare art that you only get when you practice the amigurumi art?

13. The simple cute bunny


The simple cute bunny is another idea that you may want to take a look at. It’s a perfect idea that a beginner can easily do!

14. The one skein bunny


Amigurumi ideas will always bring fun! You don’t want to miss this fantastic one skein idea! It’s a lovely pattern that may bring some fun moments to your kids!

15. The Amigurumi crochet sunny bunny!


You will like this. It is undeniably beautiful!

16. The crochet bunny Emma


The Emma Amigurumi idea is another art that everyone will wish to try. We love its simplicity and yet so gorgeous phenomena. The amigurumi ideas will never disappoint!

17. The bunny bust


You may also try this bunny bust idea!

18. Travelling Tu family


We don’t want to expound on this! We love it as an excellent amigurumi idea that everyone who loves crocheting should give it a try. Make fun and consider the traveling Tu family crochet ideas!

19. How about Lulu, Tulipe, and Tutu?


Are they even their names or the brand idea? It’s a cute Amigurumi idea that will keep those little ones busy! You have not sufficient time to spend with them, and the Lulu idea will compensate!


The Amigurumi doll ideas are excellent choices for everyone who loves the designs! We love this collection of art, for it serves all purposes! Kids love dolls; elderly people will use them as their companions! So they are for us, and it will be even high when you design them in crochet!


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