Have you ever heard about the crochet 3D flower motif free patterns? It is undoubtedly one of the most appealing ideas as far as crocheting is concerned.

The crochet motif ideas try to alter the ordinary crochet flower techniques into something more sophisticated.

It’s a way of challenging the great crochet ideas into something more valuable. What you can get by employing this idea includes the crochet spirals petals and many kinds of fantastic flower options!

Let’s consider the fantastic 20 crochet 3D flower motif patterns you will surely admire.

20 Crochet 3D Flower Motif Free Patterns

1. The may’s flower

The may’s flower crochet is the best flower motif idea that you can get through the string skill! All you need is a needle and the ability to come up with this fantastic crochet idea! It’s lovely and undeniably cute.

2. The broomstick flower

The broomstick motif flower idea is another excellent idea that you can get from crocheting. It’s one of the loveliest ideas that are achievable! You can get the real information from the source below!


3. Ever thought of a starflower?

It is another cute flower motif crochet idea that excels in all. Everyone loves it and its part of the reasons we are giving you as a choice!


4. V end shape pointy flower

The name isn’t really what it is! You can get a name for it, but we love a pointy flower motif idea! More information can be obtained from the source below!


5. Do you wish to express your gratitude?

The fantastic gratitude flower motif idea is an excellent crocheting idea. Why can’t you try this? It’s a perfect way to put the concepts in a practical flower idea.


6. The lotus flower

We believe the lotus flower idea is the excellent one that you can ever get! Relevant ideas about this cute flower pattern can be exhausted from the source! It’s a perfect idea to test your art.

7. How about the single strip flower?

We love the single stripped flower motif! It’s an excellent idea that delivers only the best. Why can’t you try it and see if your skills are up to the task? You will like it!


8. The spiral flower

Look at the spiral flower idea. We love it. It’s a perfect art that makes the crocheting art to excel. By trying this, you will prove your expertise the crocheting idea.

9. The popcorn

Part of the fantastic flower ideas is the popcorn crochet ideas. Look how appealing it is? Crocheting art can play around anything, and we believe the popcorn idea is still an excellent idea that works best.

Source: bhookedcrochet, dascrochetconnection

10. Have you tried the water lily idea?

The crochet flower motif flower patterns include the water lily motif flower! It’s another outstanding flower pattern idea that excels. You need to try it and see if your skills in crocheting are up to date.


11. The tin can

Do you love this idea? Look at it, it may not appear like a real crochet idea, but you will need to trust it. It’s a straight stitch, and you need to try it now.


12. The summer flower

The summer flower is a great idea! We love how this art is layered. You may try layering your stitches and see if you will get anywhere close to this!


13. The daisy flower

Many flower motif ideas are available. We also recommend that you try the daisy flower motif! It’s just so beautiful! What flowers are meant to be, and we do it in crochet!

14. The beaded flower

The beaded flower is very appealing. It even looks better when you do it in spiral arrangements. You need to try it. Test your skills!

15. The ruffled frilled

How about this fantastic flower motif from the live master? Try it.


16. The 3D rose pattern

Did you know that it is possible to stitch a 3D flower? It’s a perfect flower idea that can be quickly delivered using a crochet stitch.

17. The wagon wheel flower art

There are many options available, but we believe the wagon wheel flower motif is excellent! We like how the petals are slightly twisted, and they originate from the base! Look at this?


18. The teeny tiny flowers

Using the teeny small flowers is a fantastic art that delivers such cute flowers. Please consider this idea and see if it’s appealing.


19. The basic crochet flower

This should be the most straightforward motif flower pattern. It’s very simple and you can try this at home.

20. The twin dragonfly

Can we consider this fantastic flower? It’s a perfect flower motif art that warms the heart of the many.



To conclude, the perfect flower motif crochet idea is charming! You need to try these crochet art ideas and see if your skills will stand the test of time!


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