The festive seasons are now knocking at the doorstep! We are heading to the Christmas season, and we need to come up with great ideas that will make the season to be high.

What do we need for this festive season? You need the DIY Christmas Mason jar lighting craft ideas! They are just so overwhelming in number. This article will give you 20 of the best DIY Christmas mason jar lighting ideas!

The ideas are just great. They are the practical application of the Mason jar ideas. Please take a look at this appealing Christmas Mason jar lighting craft ideas!

#1. The floating candle centerpiece

Image: A Pretty Life In The Suburb

The Christmas Mason jar lighting idea excels! We love how it combines the ribbons, the green plants, and also some berries to bring an extreme environment that portrays the festive season!

Let the candle stay in the middle of the Mason jar. It will be an excellent Christmas idea using the mason jars!

#2. The hanging Mason jar

Image: All Things Heart And Home

The hanging Mason jar is yet another cute idea. We love the rustic wood that holds it at the wall of your house. The string lighting with lovely rose flower makes the hanging Mason jar to be among the best DIY Christmas mason jar lighting ideas.

#3. The oil candle mason jar

Image: Recycledawblog Blogspot

The oil candle Mason jar is another cute idea for your Christmas. Combining the cinnamon sticks, berries, and all these other attractive plants in the Mason jar oil candle live the Christmas festive mood! It’s a perfect application of Mason jar lighting for Christmas.

#4. Stenciled Mason jar candle holder

Image: Soap Box Creationsbloglovin & Modern Masters Cafe

The stenciled Mason jar lighting craft idea is one of the best ideas that employ the mason jars for lighting! We are according to you with options so that you get the best for your Christmas lighting! Don’t you think the stenciled Mason jar candle holder is simply the best?

#5. How about this pink candle in a glitter mason jar?

Image: Birds Party Blog

Do you love pink candles? We love it, and that’s why we are placing it in a glitter mason jar to create that cute look. We believe you will like this idea.

#6. The magical Christmas lanterns

Image: Adventure-in-a-Box

The fantastic magic Christmas lanterns are part of the Christmas ideas that excel! We love the designs and the entire horizons that appear! It’s a tremendous lighting idea just for your festive seasons

#7. Peppermint Mason jar candle

Source information:

The peppermint Christmas Mason jar lighting idea is seemingly the best. We love the peppermint decorations and the cute appearance when that candle is placed in the middle. It’s what the mason jars are capable of. You need to apply this fantastic Christmas idea.

#8. The Christmas tree Mason jar

Source information:

The Christmas tree mason lighting idea is also perfect for the festive season. You need to consider this appealing Christmas lighting idea, for it delivers only the best feeling!

#9. The Mason jar lid

Source information:

Arranging the mason jar lids to make the perfect wreath is also one of the ideas for the Christmas lighting. We chose this rare idea for it depicts many other purposes apart from lighting only!

#10. The snowy pinecone candles

Source information:

Do you know what pinecones are? They are great when they are in the mason jars that hold a candle for lighting! Look at this idea, isn’t it appealing?

#11. The Christmas reindeer jars

Source information:

The reindeer Christmas jars are other beautiful Christmas lighting ideas that you should employ! They are just perfect, and they won’t disappoint at your festive season.

#12. The frosty Mason jar lanterns

Source information

Place this cold Mason jar lantern at the table with a card that wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! It’s joyous making time, and you need to cherish every moment.

#13. The stairway luminaries


The stairway luminaries are among the best Christmas lighting ideas using the mason jars. It is simple and perfect, and you should have it for your Christmas lighting.

#14. The painted deer jars


The painted deer jars will look great during the night of your Christmas celebration. It’s a perfect way to have a memorable Christmas celebration.

#15. The snowy town

We can present the snowy town lighting idea in a mason jar! It is a rare art that depicts the beauty of a snowy village. We love it, and we highly recommend for your Christmas lighting!

#16. The candy cane luminaries


That single Christmas tree is not sufficient. You need to add some luminary candy canes to give that little bit of decorations. It’s a perfect way to celebrate Christmas.

#17. The crochet lacy shell lighting

The crochet art is just perfect for a Christmas lighting! You need to choose your pattern and come up with this excellent Christmas lighting idea.

#18. The holiday Mason jar luminary

Source information: Organize Your Stuff Now

We are trying to come up with the perfect Christmas decoration using the mason jar. The mason jar luminaries is just amazing, and you should consider it!

#19. The Christmas sweater candy mason jars


This fantastic Christmas lighting idea is appealing!

#20. The vintage car snow globe


The old car snow globe can be amazing primarily when lights are directed to it! Look how cute it is!


The 20 beautiful DIY Mason jar craft ideas for Christmas lighting are a perfect way to add décor to your festive celebration. Consider this art and find reasons cherish every moment!


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