Renovating your home is a great investment. You could increase the value of your property and see your credit score rise in the process depending on how you finance it. Whether you’re giving the bathroom a full remodel or renovating the garage, there’s an optimum time in the year to get these done so don’t jump in without a plan.

Home improvement projects can be equal parts rewarding and stressful, so having a plan of action is key if you want to have everything complete in a certain time frame. This article will explore when the best time to improve your property is and where you should focus your attention.

When is the best time to renovate?

As expected, contractors receive the most work in spring and summer, and for good reason. The weather conditions mean it’s easier for external renovations to be completed quickly and you’ll have your home ready for the winter. But is it actually the best time to renovate?

Financially, probably not. Contractors agree that fall is the best time to get your home improvements done.

With so much demand in the warmer seasons, you’re more likely to get a better deal outside of that period as it’s typically slower for the industry. This can make materials cheaper and fewer clients means contractors will be able to accommodate your schedule better.

When is the worst time to renovate?

You don’t want to be renovating your home over the holidays for a few reasons. Wintertime remodeling can be loud and messy, which isn’t ideal if you’re having family over. It can be hard to escape the noise and dust from power tools, and your home could also be left exposed to the elements if you’re having significant work done.

What are the best home improvements?

Some home improvements are better investments than others. According to the 2022 Cost vs Value Report, a minor remodel of a mid-range kitchen provides a return on investment of 71 percent.

These types of renovations can be expensive, but there are other home improvements you can undertake that increase your resale value and revamp your space without breaking the bank. From replacing your front and garage doors to adding a deck or upgrading the windows, you can give your home a brand-new look by carrying out a few cheaper jobs that won’t leave you too out of pocket.


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