If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor space by making it more organized and multi-faceted, backyard landscaping could be the answer you are looking for. A landscape design can turn your garden ideas into reality by helping you visualize the various elements and sections you wish to incorporate into your backyard while maximizing its space, beauty and function.

Similar to a floor plan, landscape plans create a scaled visual representation of your backyard taking into account both natural and man-made elements such as flowers, trees, and fountains to ensure all dimensions and layouts have been properly considered before construction begins. This article will explore some of the ways you can benefit from backyard landscaping.

Increase in Property Value

Landscaping can help increase the value of your property making it easier to sell,  should you decide to. According to some estimates, a well-landscaped home could benefit from a 5.5% to 12.7% price advantage over a home without landscaping. On a home valued at $300,000, this translates to an extra $16,500 to $38,100 in value.

Cohesion and Flow

The art of landscaping brings a cohesive look to what may otherwise be a disordered and disconnected backyard. By taking a holistic approach which brings together the various sections and elements in your garden, landscaping can enhance the natural beauty, focal points and harmony it offers.

From curved serpentine paths to color flow through flowers and plants, landscaping can transform your previously compartmentalized backyard into a more unified space that seamlessly transitions from one section to another.

Environmental Benefits

Landscaping design gives you the opportunity to introduce better gardening practices into your backyard which can also benefit the environment. Sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood and reused brick can be used for areas such as patios, paving and pergolas helping to reduce the burden on landfill sites and cutting down on carbon emissions during manufacturing.

A water irrigation system as well as water butts that conserve rain water can be factored into your landscaping design as can the introduction of native plants which require less  water, time and money. They also play an important role in preserving biodiversity by providing food, shelter and nectar for pollinators such as birds, bees, butterflies, and moths.

Re-thinking your garden layout also offers the opportunity to create less reliance on maintenance and power tools that pollute the environment. Whether you’re replacing your lawn with more paving or embracing a more rugged look to your backyard, landscaping offers you the chance to create a beautiful and stylish space without the need for so many tools.

Energy Savings

A well-landscaped backyard will not only add beauty to your property but can also cut down on your heating and cooling costs. Plants, trees and shrubs that have been strategically positioned can provide your home with insulation and act as windbreaks in the winter months and improve aeration during warmer spells.

According to the Department of Energy, carefully positioned trees can save up to 25% of the energy in a typical household.


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