Crochet Infinity Scarf Cowl Neck Warmer Free Patterns


Scarves can be used for many reasons. Fashion, weather, religion, or even cleanliness. No matter why you use it, now that winter is here, we highlighted 20 free patterns and ideas for scarves and cowls. So take your pick and have fun! 

1. Plus: turn your scarf into an infinity scarf

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Starting this with a hot tip: turn your regular scarf into an infinity scarf! We don’t do a lot of math around here, but it sure is much more scarf. Just follow this lovely tutorial made by AllFreeCrochet’s youtube channel and you should be fine!

2. Classic crochet infinity scarf

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Yet another easy scarf to make! Very well suited for beginners, this one has a very easy and simple to follow stitch pattern. You’ll spend around half an hour to make it.

3. Infinity hooded scarf

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Here’s a great idea for an infinity and hooded scarf. Really easy to make – you need just one color of yarn and the hood and scarf are made separately. It also looks very cozy! It will sure look lovely on you.

4. Autumn infinity scarf

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We know autumn isn’t starting any day soon now, but this one is so beautiful that it couldn’t just be left out. Using various colors, but simple stitch patterns, you can make it! Looks really lovely, but not as lovely as if it was around a neck! 

5. Chevron lace infinity scarf

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Go nuts with this chevron lace, a very cute idea from Tamara in The advantage is that you can play with it: add or subtract rows with no worries at all! You can change the colors to ones that you like better either.

6. Rustic fringe infinity scarf

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With rustic slowly becoming fashion again, this one simply could not be left out. It is a great idea for those looking to follow more modern trends! It goes even with a nice hat!

7. Bandito cowl

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This funny handkerchief-inspired cowl might be the one for you… That is, if you’re funny enough! Coming straight from the spaghetti western classics, it is a very nice way to keep your neck protected – and to strike a little fear in the hearts of outlaws!

8. Comfy mocha cowl

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A colorful pattern! But don’t let the colors scare you – it’s a simple cowl that can be played with in many ways. Change it the way you like it!

9. Cowl baby hat

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For all who like the sea, that’s for you! Due to its cold colors pattern, it’s ideal for any time of the yea! This easy to make cowl is even well fitted for beginners.

10. Harvest bandana cowl

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This little twisted fella looks kind of funny, but very fashionable too: the shawl is used “backwards” this time. Ideal for windy days too!

11. Simple and modern scarf/cowl with buttons

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Yes, you’ve read it right! A scarf that can be turned into a cowl. This versatile garment can be made very easily, and can be used for style or for protection against the weather!

12. Easy textured cowl

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It looks really fluffy, doesn’t it? This simple scarf adds a ton of style into your clothes. And there is even a bonus: the website teaches you how to make those gloves as well.

13. Ridged chevron neck warmer

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If you don’t have much time, fear not! This easy neck warmer doesn’t even manage to be a scarf or a cowl, but it manages to be really beautiful. Perfect for fall days!

14. Firestorm Fox Scoodie with handwarmers

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Entering the realm of animal scoodies, this is a very lovely fox-themed scoodie (or hooded scarf), and it even comes with handwarmers!

15. bearded crochet beanie

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This beautiful hooded scarf is more hood than scarf. But it’s lovely nonetheless! It’s ideal for people with sensitive ears – or with a good sense of fashion! The tutorial for it is very easy and intuitive. You will certainly find it interesting!

16. Monster crochet hat

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This is the fuzziest and most sassy entry in this list! But we don’t mean it in a bad way – quite the opposite! Although this triangle scarf looks difficult to make, the tutorial is very good as well. It might take some time, but it’s completely worth it!

17. Braids crochet scarf cowl

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This gorgeous scarf has a very clever kind of pattern: it is beautiful and easy to make.  Ideal for protecting the shoulders too! And even if that’s not the case, it is a very fashionable scarf nonetheless!

18. Hooded infinity scarf with ears

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This fantastic idea accompanies a fantastic tutorial made by Ruby Stedman on her youtube channel. A simple infinity hooded scarf with ears. It can be made in around 40 minutes of hard, but compensating work!

19. Hooded Cowl

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This beautiful cowl comes with a pointy hood. It’s perfect for protecting your hair from the weather as well! Just make sure you follow the tutorial for maximum pointiness!

20. Harry Potter  inspired scarf

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Inspired by the universe of Harry Potter, this scarf brings out the geekiness on the person who is going to wear it. Due to the fact that it is a muggles-only tutorial, it sure had to be simple and easy!

21. Gentleman’s scarf

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If there is a guy who wants to look handsome, we think that this scarf is the best way to start. A very gorgeous and versatile scarf that can be made in just under an hour of work!


Ranging from all kinds of shapes and sizes, these 21 patterns and ideas for crochet scarves, infinity scarves, cowls and neck warmers are a great way to start considering wearing those in your daily life.


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