DIY Wood Chicken Coop Free Plans

We all love the taste of fresh eggs collected straight from our backyards. The feeling you get from collecting eggs layed by hens that you have raised in your own backyard is magical!

Chicken coop plans are quite easy and cheap to make. They also come in different sizes and shapes so you can select your best fit.

Below are 20 amazing and very easy to DIY Wood Chicken Coop Free Plans that you should consider.

1. DIY Shed Chicken Coop Plan

This amazing chicken plan designed by Ana White takes the shape of a simple basic shed. It has two doors- one human-sized and another chicken-sized, a window and a nesting box.

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2. DIY Free Chicken Coop Plan

This unique chicken coop designed by Downeast Thunder Farm incorporates a yard, an outdoor run, and electricity.


3. DIY Wichita Cabin chicken Coop plan

The Wichita coop plan has such an amazing rustic design. It is well ventilated with accessible nesting boxes, windows and a water proof predator roof.

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4. DIY Condo Chicken Coop 

This amazing chicken combo coop plan is big enough to comfortably hold up to 12 chicken. It is made of cheap materials that are easy to acquire.

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5. DIY Small Chicken Coop with Planter

This is yet another wood chicken coop plan by Ana white. It is small in size with a planter, a clean out tray, and a nesting box. This is a simple DIY project ideal for a handful of chickens.

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6. DIY Saltbox Chicken Coop with a Planter

Create your flock this simple Saltbox Chicken Coop plan in just a few steps. It has a planter and a run and occupies a very small space of your backyard.

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7. A Frame Chicken Coop Free Plan Free Plan

This is a simple, portable frame chicken coop with a small built in nesting box and a perch. This simple design holds just a few hens and is very easy to build.

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8. DIY Urban Chicken Coop Free plan

This particular design is ideal for people with a very small backyard. It has two doors, one human-sized at the front for easy access and cleaning purposes and a small chicken-sized door with a run.

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9. DIY Small Chicken Coop Run Free Plan

This small chicken coop is ideal for just a few egg laying hens. It has a large human-sized door on one side to make cleaning easy and a smaller one on the other side with a run.

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10. Chicken Coop Run for Shed Free Plan

This plan is a fancy chicken coop with a shed attached and a run joining the two. With the simple instructions by Anna white, you can build this plan over the weekend.

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11. DIY Palace Chicken Coop Free Pattern

The Palace Chicken Coop Free Pattern is ideal for people with a big backyard. The palace chicken coop is spacious enough for a huge flock of chicken.

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12. Free Chicken Coop Plan Free Pattern

This is a very simple chicken coop plan to build. It is 72” long and 48” wide and comes with very detailed instructions and pictures.

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13. DIY Free Chicken Coop Blueprints Free Plan

This is a stationary chicken coop plan that is very easy to build and quite weather resistant. It is ideal for just a handful of hens and also a perfect way to repurpose wood material around your home.

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14. Farmhouse Style Chicken Coop

This plan has such an amazing farmhouse quality and can hold up to 12 chicken. The plan includes the materials that you will need, tools and detailed step by step instructions with tons of photos on how to build it.

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15. Simple Upcycled Chicken Coop Free Plan

Building a chicken coop should not cost you a fortune. This simple DIY upcycled chicken coop plan is made from different repurposed materials around your house like old cabinet doors.

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16. Rustic Log Cabin Chicken Coop

Do you fancy a rustic chicken coop plan in your backyard? The rustic log cabin chicken plan is your best shot. The logs will cost you a couple of hundred but the end product will be worth every dime.

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17. Scrap Lumber Coop Free Plan

This chicken coop plan is entirely made out of scrap lumber. This plan tops the list on the cheapest and the easiest plans that you can build on your backyard over a weekend.

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18. DIY Upcycled Pallet Chicken Coop

This amazing chicken coop plan allows you to repurpose pallets lying around idle in your home. This plan is one of the easiest and cheaspest coop plans you can build if you have a considerable stark of pallets that you can use.

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19. Barn Style Chicken Coop

I love the rustic colouring of this chicken coop. The red and white adds such an amazing rustic feel to this barn style plan. Its easy to build and ideal for a handful of chicken.

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20. DIY Sunrise Chicken Coop

This DIY sunrise chicken coop plan is very spacious. The hens have plenty of room to move around and lay eggs. You can also build one or several roosting nests for efficient feeding.

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Happy chicken lay better eggs! Gear up and build your flock one of these amazing chicken coop plans today. Make sure you get the proper tools as well like a good table saw, the best track saw and all the necessary safety equipment to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe throughout this DIY project.


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