Crotchet Travel Neck Pillow Patterns


Crochet travel neck pillows are designed to keep the head and neck in a steady and comfortable position. In most cases, these crotchet travel neck pillows are used by travelers who have to sleep in a sitting position. The pillows are made of soft materials of different colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns as highlighted below: 

20 DIY Crochet Travel Neck Pillow Patterns

1. Bear neck pillow pattern

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When traveling over a long distance you should get yourself a bear neck pillow. This will make your travel more comfortable since the neck area of your body will be relaxed. Making this takes up a lot of time and needs more skills to make one and be useful.

2. Travel pillow.

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The pillow is comfortable making every trip a comfortable one. The main aim of making is to help in sleep and relaxing whenever on any road trip. It’s also fun and easy to make a pillow with easy patterns to be followed.

3. Cat Neck Pillow.

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Do you love cats? Then this is the best neck pillow for you and your loved ones. With a comfy design that makes it more comfortable, it becomes hard to resist. In crouching, you will need to follow the patterns well to get all the details correct.

4. Big Fluffy Crescent Moon Pillow.

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It is best in a kid’s room. It has an easy pattern to follow when making the pillow a bit easy. The main area of crocheting being the center and working with MC and ch1.


5. Rainbow Travel Pillow


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This neck pillow is made to be wrapped around your neck, support your neck as you may fall asleep or relax. It’s made using polyester yarn. It’s easy to make but takes a lot of time to make and complete one design.


6. Easy Crocheted Neck Pillow


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It’s is easy to make the right crochet using the right pattern and the right yarn. The yarn to be used being Bernat Blanket yarn and the pattern being laying both pieces together in each corner, not completely sewing and shutting the last side.

7. Striped Travel Pillow.

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when making this pillow, the first thing is to make it round, then make a big circle, then fold it in half and then the last thing to do is to stitch it together to form the rounded horseshoe shape.

8. Easy Neck Pillow 

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It’s easy to make one-piece crochet with basic stitches that are folded over to form a rectangular or make any shape that best suits you. With the patterns followed correctly one can make as many crochets as possible with different shapes.

9. Panda Travel Pillow

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This is a best-loved travel pillow that offers comfort when it comes to a-taking and one can bring it along with them. It is mostly loved by children.

10. Fox travel Pillow

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This is the best companion for long trips especially for kids, they may be complicated in sewing but sure have some few patterns to be followed well to get quality crochet.

11. Easy Chair Travel Pillow

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It is a comfortable neck pillow suitable for use in couches, buses, and flights. Making this might be slightly the same the only difference being at the joining point of this crochet, the design is a bit different.

12. Seatbelt Travel Pillow.

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It is designed with three strips attached to the shoulder on the seatbelt, this makes it be stable and not fall when you or your kids are asleep. 

13. Crochet Boho Pillow Patterns.

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It is easy when using the right patterns. It fits in all homestead, bright color for a boho feel or black and white for a modern look. It may be difficult to sew but with proper steps and patterns, you will have the right sew. 

14. Bernat Crochet Pillow

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It is made in different ways and designs, with the best colors and yarn. It is easy to make since you can make it to any design. It’s crochet worked on with its fun sparkle shade range making it perfect for festive projects and season.

15. Pillow Support Crochet 

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The chain that is found at the beginning of the round does not count as a stitch. The same stitch joined is made in each first stitch. The same yarn is used when making this crochet. 

16. Round Granny Pillow

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this is a handmade round, throw pillow that is easy to make since it uses chunky yarn and huge crochet hook to make the pillow come together easier and super-fast. It’s a pillow you can use from your home or you can carry it with you when traveling since it will make you travel comfortably.

17. White Neck Pillow

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They are different in sizes, having the larger one, the medium and the smaller one. The thread needles with long yarns are used, when making one, you will need to fold the pillow, forming a round tube then sew the tube together as you continue to sew the last area to the foundation then the last thing you will do is, stuffing firmly then closing the end.

18. Crochet Squirrel Neck pillow 

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There are two different patterns here, one being the single color version and the second being the two-color version. The main stitch used in this pattern is the knit stitch with the single crochet worked in the center of the stitch.

19. Sweet dreams neck pillow cover

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You don’t need to have neck pain after every travel you have, the best way to avoid this is by having with you the sweet dream neck pillow, and it helps in relaxing of the head and the neck. The patterns in this are easy to follow.

20. Hygge NeckRoll Bolster pillow.

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This is easy to make a pillow that allows deciding on either to make a solid pillow from it or decide to make a pillow cover that can be slipped on and off.


There are so many ways to avoid pain after every travel. You can decide to make one yourself or you can purchase one from any near store with you.



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