You can decorate your room with crochet teacups, they are fun for those who love coffee and tea. Some pretty patterns and designs that come up from making these crochets depending on the use of color. Shell crochet is the main way to crochet upwards as the cup body, deciding on whether to add the saucer together with the cups or not.

20 Crochet Teacup Free Patterns


1. Mother’s Day Teacup


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This is a perfect teacup and saucer made in size 10 crochet thread, perfect for gifting and appreciating what they do. If the pattern is properly stiffened, the yarn teacup and saucer would make a lovely display bowl or holder of a plant in one’s home. The use of gauge is not important in this crochet. 


2. Shell Cup and Saucer 



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With this crochet, any cotton is used but the main thing is it will need the main color and a bit of more contrast color this making the crochet’s design unique and beautiful.


3. Crochet Amigurumi


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Have a love for animals? Then this is the right crochet for you. It is the best crochet for experienced beginners who want to add more colorful crochets to their collection and their project.

4. Dreamy Day Tea Set

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With the right steps and pattern followed, one can be able to make a complete set of the dreamy day tea set. You can choose to add colors of your choice in it, this making the teacup and the whole set beautiful. 

5. Decorative Teacup And Saucer.

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They are made with much consideration and decoration. Using a bright color yarn and adding more designs to it to make it look pretty and well decorates your room.


6. Crochet Teapot and Tea Cup Set.


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7. Crochet Teapot and Cup set

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Made similar to the one above, the only difference being the yarn used here is thicker than the one that is used above. Stitching also differs and the design is a bit complicated than the one above.

8. Tea Pot Set 


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With the best color pattern, the crochet turns out perfect a presentable with the best decorations and designs made to it.


9. Roses Tea Cozy.


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The colors make the crochet beautiful. It is written more like a regular crochet pattern that uses the basics of Tunisia crochet, the afghan and the stitch notes.

10. Brain weave cup cozy.

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This is the easiest way to add extra pep to your morning with your cup of coffee or tea, with the best designs of color and a well-followed pattern.


11. Mug Cozy pattern.


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Mug Cozy has simple designs, making it simple to make, with the correct pattern you can make a variety of crochets.

12. Mini Crochet Teacup.

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They are decorated with different colors and different designs that make them beautiful and have simply followed patterns.

13. Teacup Applique  

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This makes the teacups look pretty and adorable. The patterns are simple making it easy for beginners to make. It has many colors depending on how you want them to be.

14. Crochet Coaster Pattern.

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They are simple and with different designs and different colors. Their option is endlessly making the best cup coaster that someone can use. It has different patterns that are easy to follow when sewing.

15. Crochet Container Cover.

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These covers are easy to make and are the best idea of using scrap yarns. They vary in sizes depending on your design or your container. To get better results, use thick yarn.

16. Crochet Doily Coaster.

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This coaster has simple designs that make it easy to make, what you will need is just the basics of sewing, and to make it elegant, you will use thin yarn and one color for each crochet.

17. Kawaii Teacup Pattern

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This simple crochet that takes up little yarn. It can be crocheted with any crochets hook, you will just choose on your design. It is easy to make and can be made with different colors.

18. Crochet Teacup Pattern Vintage.

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This is the best idea of a wedding, birthday gift. They were made in the early ’70s but still exists. It is easy to make crochet with simple patterns. For better design, thick yarn is to be used and the color should be maintained from one crochet to another.

19. Cutie Pie Teacup Pattern

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It is fun when making one of these crochets, with a simple pattern and easy steps to follow, one can make them with ease. For beginners who want to try to make these crochets have a simple pattern to follow and to make.

20. Teacup Kitten Crochet pattern

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It becomes fun when you are using the scrap yarns in making something that is fun making. There are simple patterns that one needs to follow when making this crochet. With its colors, you can design the teacups according to your decoration. 


There are so many designs that one can use in making/sewing these teacups, which is according to his/ her design and taste.  


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