DIY Crochet Area Rug Ideas Free Patterns


Are you looking for the perfect crochet rugs? Do you have a plan of making your living room, dining area, or kitchen gorgeous? DIY crochet rug ideas free patterns are exactly what you need to enhance the interior décor of your home and make your floor cozy and elegant. We are going to feature 16 DIY crochet area rug idea patterns which can effectively suit you! Let us go through them together! 

16 DIY Crochet Area Rug Ideas Free Patterns

1. Crochet Mandala Floor Rug

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The Crochet Mandala Floor Rug its perfect T-shirt yarn made a rug that you need in your room. With a T-shirt yarn, crochet hook, darning needle, and a pair of scissors, you can make a perfect rug all by yourself. It’s that simple! 

2. Coil & Scrap Fabric Rug

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Coil & scrap fabric rug it’s the perfect rug to use on a rough floor. Don’t stress yourself! It’s a breathtaking method for spending loads of scrap texture that is excessively exhausted or recolored for sewing ventures.

3. Crochet Pom pOm Sheep Rug

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Crochet pom pom sheep rug makes the room look one of a kind. Gray or white sheep formed pom rug will permit the ones you love to feel the softness quality of pom every day. It’s amazing!

4. Crochet Pom Bear Rug

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Sometimes you want to make your kid’s room beautiful! Crochet pom bear rug will be ideal for kids! Generally, kids love teddy bears. It will be the best option to have this kind of rug in their room.

5. Crochet Rope Light Rug

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I think a crochet rope light rug would make an amazing bathroom night light. When taking a shower, you need one of a kind patio floor covering. How beautiful it is to make your baby room night light perfect! It’s the best idea.

6. Crochet T-shirt Rug

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All the old T-shirts that you have can be customized to create a rug!  What a wonderful way to make your home beautiful and be an amazing eco-friendly crocheter. It’s awesome!

7. Crochet Granny Square Raccoon Mario Rug

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Crochet granny square raccoon Mario rug one of the finest rugs that you will ever see! It’s so amazing to have a rug that you can easily sew to have different shapes crocheted together.

8. DIY Hand Crochet Giant Rug-No Sew

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Interestingly you can enhance the décor of your room with a rainbow-colored rug. You don’t need to have a sewing machine! If you are keen on colors DIY hand crochet giant rug-no sew can perfectly fit in your room.

9. Crochet May the Miracle Oval Rug

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Every person loves comfort! The rug made of cotton is the best fit to give you the comfort that you desire. Easy to wash and dry! Serve you for years.

10.  Crochet Diamond Daisy Rug

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Gifts are important. To anyone who loves retro-looking designs, crochet diamond daisy rug can be a perfect gift! It’s the best idea. Don’t forget to create a tribute in a different range of shades.

11. Crochet Citrus Slice Rug

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Another level of comfort to any living room. Protect your loved ones from slippery floors. Keep your kids safe from injuries by having well lacy designed free crochet Citrus Slice Rug.

12. Crochet Bunny with Carrot Rug

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What a creative way to make your kids happy! It’s yet another way to have a lovely rug with less hustle. It’s amazing how you can make your kids room simple and fun

13. Crochet Heart Rug

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What a special way to symbolize love! The perfect way to express love to your loved ones using a crochet heart rug is unique. Love is a beautiful thing! The heart rug tells it all.

14. Crochet Owl Carpet

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This Owl Crochet Rug Pattern is the best and will be ideal for a most loved space in your place. Look at them all at this point. They are gorgeous!

15. Super Chunky Oval Rug

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It’s super fun to make a chunky oval rug! Do you want a fabulous rug that you can make in a few minutes? Worry not. This rug is the best.

16. Seashell Carpet

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Have you ever thought of having a creative personalized carpet? It is super soft and perfect decorator that you can ever have! Free yourself from carpets that do absorb water. Consider seashell carpet

17. Leaf Playmat & Ladybug Toy

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Kids love playing!  A leaf playmate is a perfect idea that can make your kids have the best moments. You don’t have to buy so many toys for your kids. Leaf playmat & ladybug toy is all that you need.


16 DIY Crochet Area Rug Ideas Free Patterns will give you easy ideas on how you can be able to have a colorful rug using the available materials that you have on your home. It’s easy to choose what you want when you have various options and benefits different crochet rugs. The ideas are engaging, and its best for those looking who are willing to decorate their rooms. If you are looking for perfection for your floor, these ideas will have a great impact.


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