DIY Baby onesie Memory Bear Keepsake Bear Pattern

These are patterns that are designed for the sake of keeping the memory of early child hood; particularly memories of newly born days. The pattern idea an ingenious one because it maintains the memory of the early days of the child, both in the mind of the child and the mother.

So basically, a child outgrows a cloth, does not mean that the cloth dies off; it yet remains and keeps alive a very significant memory. Clothes are not the only things used for these memory patterns; the blanket that was used for the warmth of the child is also made into something the child can always keep. 

Take this moment to explore these memory patterns and designs we have selected for you.

1. FULL TERM Memory Bear, Actual birth height, actual birth weight, Weighted memory bear, newborn gift

This is a lovely design and a gorgeous pattern to follow. A nice looking teddy! This particular design is great for keeping baby memories. It would also serve as an amazing baby gift.

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2. Blue Dragon Plush, Baby Dragon Toy, Stuffed Dragon, Dragon Age

This sophisticated design is great for a gift. It would serve a nice toy too. It is an outstanding work, one that could be easily followed too. Those wings and the tail is definitely a point of attraction.

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3. PDF sewing pattern Doll, soft toy, Kitten , ‘COLOUR KITTIES’ Dolly

These colorful designs are surely one of a kind. Their eyes and little ruffled frill are a bright delight. I just find the kitten dollies a very nice choice for baby memory toys.

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4. Guardian Baby Pillow

This is a must have for parents. You’ll love the protection your baby receives and the peace of mind it gives you while they are learning to control their little bodies. For a baby that just started crawling, walking r sitting, the guardian baby pillow is the best option to keep the baby protected.

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5. Birth Announcement Girl Elephant Pink, Purple, Teal, Stuffed Animal, Bear, Personalized, Initials, Baby Gift, Blue, Gray

This is such a cute looking stuffed elephant, great baby announcement gift. Also perfect for an amazing toy; its cute pink color is well suited for any baby girl. 

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6. Receiving Blanket BEAR – Have Your Baby’s Receiving Blanket made into a plush BEAR – Baby Shower Gift

Would you look at that cute baby memory design, that blanket used to keep the child warm at that very early stage will not clear off too quickly from the child’s memory as he gets older.  

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7. Keepsake Memory Elephant stuffed animal made from baby clothes, hospital blanket elephant, sleeper bear, gift from baby, custom gifts

Check out this soft and cute toy. Another gorgeous looking design of a baby blanket remembrance! It is also great for a gift. The choice of animal used for this design is perfect for any child to have fun with.

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8. DIY Keep sake Memory bear

This must be my favorite design yet. Take a look at the beauty it brings to the room. I admire the fantastic work that was done with that baby wear. That’s precisely a perfect example of a memory toy!

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9. DIY Recycled Clothes Memory Bear Free Sew Patterns

Take a moment to admire these gorgeous designs. A very creative work I must say. Enjoy these perfect examples of baby memory toys. The amazing construct of this work is also very possible to follow.

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10. Custom Keepsake Memory Fox for Preemies: upcycled from your own preemie baby clothes, tiny coming home outfit, premature baby keepsake

I personally would love to design this for my kid. Its cuteness is indisputable as it takes the looks of a certain children TV series character. Kids would surely love this stuff. It would be very exciting to have their new born clothes and blankets sewn into one of their favorite TV characters.

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11. Nestling Kids

Save your baby’s favorite sleepers, coming-home outfit or blanket forever by having them made into a one of a kind keep sake teddy bear as this one. It would give them a reason to always smile.

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12. DIY Forest Animal Stuffed Rag Doll, Soft Toy, Fox Doll with Clothes, Woodland Themed Nursery Décor

Let your kids have much fu n with this definition of creativity. Give them something to always flash back on by getting them this creative work of art. Look at this cute fox clothed in this gorgeous Chinese material. It is really something to behold.

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13. A Sock Monkey in Grey with Polka Dots

This handmade sock monkey sewn from a super soft pair of cotton polyester blend knee socks was designed with much love and great attention to detail. This design is actually a great design for your home and workplace. It can also be a perfect companion for your kids. This design is full of style and unique persona.

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14. Stuffed Kitten Toy

This stuffed kitten would be loved and appreciated by any kid. It is a very cute design that is surely easy to follow.

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15. Nestling Kids Keepsakes

Great work indeed. Amazing pattern design worth following! The kids that own this will never lose touch of their very tender days. 

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