Crochet Women Shawl Outwear Free Patterns

Check out these irresistible beauties. Here are some amazing shawls you would definitely crave for. Shawls are like scarves which are placed across the neck and also fixed on the shoulders; depending on the design. They are of various kinds and designs. 

Take a quick moment to explore our compilation of these gorgeous designs. You would definitely get drawn to these outstanding works of art.

1. Lost in Time

This shawl’s beauty is undeniable. You could tell by look of the design, that it is one of a kind. There is a gorgeous expression is initiates on whoever puts it on. It is quite a great piece of art, done with such precision. It is also very easy to follow this pattern using any type of yarn and suitable hook.

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2. Secret Paths by Johanna Lindahl

Another amazing work of art! Such great work done with the colors! The concept is very unique as the color builds from pink at the top and then darkens into purple at the bottom. Any lady would look absolutely stunning with this on!

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3. One “Big Cake” Shawl Scarf by Nina Nicholson

I find this work particularly outstanding. Enjoy looking like a star with this amazing crochet design on. This beautiful crocheted work is undeniably one of my favorite considering the style. This design is surely an easy design to follow.

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4. One “Big Cake” Shawl Scarf by Nina Nicholson

This is such an amazing job. It is a simple and yet eye catchy wear. It requires a little effort for a gratifying result. Such lovely color combination! I find this work quite unique.

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5. One “Big Cake” Shawl Scarf by Nina Nicholson

This is just beyond beautiful. Every woman would look perfectly gorgeous with this creative design on. Put this on and watch the attention it draws to you. It is classy and yet simple. A true definition of elegancy! Enjoy crocheting this design when you can.

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6. One “Big Cake” Shawl Scarf by Nina Nicholson

Look at the way this beautiful work shines in the sun. This bright colored blue crocheted design is your perfect choice for sometime outside, as you enjoy your day taking a stroll through your garden or through the park. Great pattern to follow too!

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7. Puffalicious Shawl

I find this design especially gorgeous. It is a very unique design indeed. Look at the beauty is brings. Such lovely colors chosen too! It is just stunning. I think this would fall into the category of my favorites.

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8. The Meadowlark Triangle Scarf Crochet Pattern

Such a simple and yet sublime design. You cannot deny the fact that this is a great work of art. Enjoy the perfection of this work. Just barely looking at it, I think I would like to keep many of this. Surely this is an easy design to crochet too.

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9. One “Big Cake” Shawl Scarf by Nina Nicholson

What an exceptional pattern. This is just too beautiful to behold. The color combination is just ravishing. Such great work of art I must say. There is no way you won’t cause quite a steer with this one on. Personally, I find it sophisticated and yet, it is an easy pattern to follow

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10. Art deco fan shawl pattern by Mari Leigh

Would you look at that? Isn’t that just the definition of elegance and grace? I mean there’s just something about this design; words are too little to describe it. The work is just beyond unique. The design definitely came from the mind of a genius. It is just a whole lot f beauty put together with some amazing attention to detail and love. You could use this anytime and anywhere and look just perfect the way you are. 

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11. #42 Motif Wrap

The true definition of elegance! What a delightful design. I must say that whoever made this has astounding skill. Definitely, a first choice of shawl to put on as you walk down the street commanding admiration and attention. I just love the design. The colors used and the pattern just makes it really stand out.

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12. Holiday Crochet eBook Poinsettia Proliferation! By Regina Riou of Monster Crochet

This Tunisian traditional crochet pattern is great for celebration season. This holiday flower; the poinsettia, is definitely everyone’s favorite. Look how stunning the look of this design is. It is beyond catchy and stylish. It is surely an impeccable work of art!

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13. Crochet Poncho/Boho style/Hippie Outfit Fashion/Black and Orange Crochet Poncho 

This has to be my favorite yet. This beautiful hand crochet poncho will make people to turn around! This poncho is perfect all year round. Great to wear to any place of your choice! Be the envy of your friends looking elegant with this on. Made from quality yarn, this poncho is very easy to carry, easy on the shoulder insert and they fit perfectly with jeans.


14. Bridal Black dantella Shawl, Bridal Bolero

It is impossible to deny the dazzling look f this lovely wedding shawl, with its nice uniform stitches. This shawl is just beyond stunning. Look elegant with this lovely design on your wedding day and let the crowd applaud your gorgeousness as you walk down the red carpet to behold your groom!

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15. Crochet Kit – Mystic Morning Wrap

Look at this amazing design. Great concept and beautiful color combination! The design just keeps to track. No doubt about the attention this would create. You could wear this with anything basically. This is another amazing pattern to follow.

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