Crochet Wheat Stitch Free Pattern


If you are a learner at Crochet, one of the first stitches you will learn is the chain stitch. There are many types of chain stitch, and one of them is known as the wheat stitch. This stitch, as the name suggests, resembles wheat or sheaf of wheat when it is done in multiples. It is simple to work and can be used as per our imagination. Let’s take a look at some of the Crochet Wheat Stitch Patterns.

1. Crochet Wheat Stitch Beanie Hat

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Fall has arrived and it’s the very season for this Crochet Wheat Stitch Beanie Hat.

It looks very cute and beautiful. Do you want this cute Beanie Hat? It’s very easy to make. Sew your desired Pom Pom to the top of your hat and you are good to go. 

2. Crochet Wheat Stitch Slouch Hat

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This kind of hat is beloved by many people because all you need is a beautiful solid color yarn to compliment this design. It looks elegant and classy. 

Many people like the crocheted hat that has a sophisticated look and has to be monochrome. So wait for what. Let’s make Crochet Wheat Stitch Slouch Hat.

3. Crochet Wheat Stitch Baby Blanket

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The beautiful wheat stitch creates such a unique, marvelous texture. This Wheat Stitch Baby Blanket pattern by SassySSS it’s beautiful, it’s new and yet it looks like a traditional pattern. It has so much textures, it’s simply stunning.

Since there is variety of stitches, this design will keep you interested until the very last row. You can easily adjust the sizes in this pattern.

4. Wheat Stitch Blanket

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Be made of a variety of sews, this design will keep you interested until the very last row. You can simply add/subtract your basis row to create a myriad of sizes in this pattern.

5. Crochet Wheat Stitch Infinity Scarf

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In all ways this scarf is a great. The stich pattern and yarn both make you looks elegant. This scarf with its wonderful drape is really something everyone wants to wear. 

6. Crochet Puff Wheat Stitch

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This pattern is warmer than wool yarn and works in continuous. This crochet stitch isn’t versatile and easily to apply.

7. Crochet Wheat Stitch Leg Warmer

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This Crochet Wheat Stitch helps warm your leg. Not only it is cozy to wear, it is good looking. It makes you look sexy.

8. Crochet Wheat Shorts

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All eyes will turn your way when you wear these Crochet Wheat Pants. Cool, adsorbent yarn drapes beautifully, and the loose fit and simple yet sophisticated design.

9.Wheat Stitch Cape 

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This Wheat Stitch Shawl was designed for a Girl’s First Holy Communion. Just enough warmth and beautiful texture is what you will get with this cape. You can also wear it on late summer evenings when it’s just cool enough for a cover but not cool enough for a coat.

10. Yoga Socks Crochet Pattern

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This pretty yoga socks to keep your foot warm while still allowing you to grip and stay steady during those tricky stretches! If you want your socks to be one color then just a ball of the wool cotton will do!

11. Sock Crochet Pattern-Wheat Stitch-Woolie over the Knee Socks.

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This Sock is very warm to wear, and fun to make. The over the knee sock design is really sexy! The yarn used for this project is Caron One Pound, but you use any of the category 4 yarns with slight modification.

12. Wild Wheat Shawl Crochet Pattern

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This beautiful shawl will be perfect match to your outfits. Gentle and airy, is dedicate for summer. You can make it with any yarn you want and easily change size by choosing the number of rows for your size.

13. Angelica Cardigan

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This Angel Cardigan is a must-have in every lady’s closet. The fresh and simple top makes for a great every day wear. Crochet in different colors for a complete collection.

In fact, this pattern is an ideal project for beginner to work on.

14. Crochet Bobble Cardigan

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This is one of the most popular patterns. It is simple yet elegant. Everyone loves this pattern since it’s just beautiful, also easy to make. Its color is elegant so overall it is very fashionable.

15. Crochet Chunky Sweater


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This sweater is very easy to make, even the beginner. Once you how to do basic crochet stitches such as the slip stitch and half double crochet you can easily make this perfectly.


You don’t need particular skills or talents for this. As long as you are passionate to Crochet, you can make these amazing patterns. There are many designs available for you.  All you need to do is grab the design and tool, and start to making. If you feel bored at these given designs, you also can combine the basic stitches to create more and more interesting stitch patterns. You can use different colors and adjust the size freely. 


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