Crochet Baby Shower Gift Ideas Free Patterns


Are you expecting a new baby? Perhaps you are planning a perfect baby shower to a relative or friend and you don’t know what to buy as a perfect gift? You need to relax. There is no other better way of honoring someone for a new bundle of joy when the baby comes. Here we are going to go through 15 crochet baby shower gift ideas free patterns that will help you to create an amazing gift. Lets begin!

15 rochet Baby Shower Gift Ideas Patterns

1. Stacking Toy Crochet

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 Gone are the days when kids didn’t like stacking toys! Today stacking toy has been improved such that they are beautiful and fun to play with. The staking toys have rings that symbols that of different pond animals .what beautiful animals!

2. Monkey Toy Crochet

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Is there anyone who can resist such an adorable monkey toy? Hopefully, no one ! anytime you get an announcement that someone is expecting a new baby, this would be the perfect gift to give. It’s so charming.Honestly, it’s the best!

3. Crochet Balls Crochet

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These crochet balls are easy to make and full of fun. It’s more pretty when different colors keenly used to make a perfect presentation in a crochet basket.! Make your baby happy for many hours! It’s all you got to do.

4. Crochet Lovey Crochet

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No one doesn’t like to have a friend! This amazing crochet lovey can be among your little best friend. Your baby will love it!

5. Classic Baby Blanket Crochet

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A newborn baby needs to be covered by a special blanket for safety purposes. Before your baby is one-year-old make sure that you only use the classic baby blanket! It’s safe and comfortable for baby.

6. Weather Mobile Crotchet 

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 It’s amazing how you can decorate your baby’s room with this mobile weather crotchet. Whether the baby is a boy or a girl, there is always something for everyone! This is all that you need to make the baby nursery gorgeous.

7. Teething Biscuits Crochet 

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 Tell as it is! No mother wants her baby to have a hard time during teething.  Keeping baby soothed and happy, teething biscuits crochet will be best for keeping teething biscuits. You only have to rinse it with cold water and there give it to your baby!

8. Pacifier Clip Crochet 

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 Without a doubt, Pacifier clip crochet is simple and cute for babies. It has different colors to ensure that the receiver of the gift will find one which suits her taste and preference!Pick what you know the mother likes in terms of colors!

9. Matching Hat And Baby Booties Crochet

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Any expectant mother will love such a gift! Its adorable set since mother won’t have to go the extra mile to search what to match with what! Once the shoe is fitted on foot it stays. Once you get a nice fit, you good to go! It’s just perfect.

10. Fox Hat And Diaper Cover Crochet

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Do you want to make your baby’s first photo session amazing? Cute fox hat and diaper cover crochet will color the moment. Make the photos beautiful by choosing a perfect outfit! Its never too late to try.

11. Baby Eskimo Hat Crochet

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Avoid the winter months’ struggles with your baby. Look for that stylish baby Eskimo hat that will make your babe warm during the chilly nights. It has never been better than this!

12. Warm Mittens Crochet 

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 This warm mittens crochet is perfect during winter to keep your baby’s hands warm. Keep the baby warm all day long with this fantastic mitten crochet. Come in different sizes from zero months to eighteen. It’s the best deal!

13. Baby Bibs Crochet 

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No one likes the hustle of cleaning the baby from time to time. !The clean baby is a happy child and to keep all the outfits lovely and clean, you need baby bibs. Why tense when you can make the baby wardrobe admirable?

14. Diapers And Wipes Case Crochet

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Making sure that your baby’s room is neatly organized is not easy! Every mom needs lovely diapers and wipes case for that purpose. All your baby essentials are well kept and make the room beautiful! It’s the simplest way to take care of the baby’s belongings!

15. Car Seat Snuggie Crochet

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It’s a must to enhance the safety of the babe while in a car! The car seat snuggie crochet fit in well in the car seat making your baby safe. This crochet is unique compared to others and the best. Keep the baby safe!


If you wish to have anything beautiful for your baby or that of your friend, 15 crochet baby shower gift ideas patterns are the best guide. Gifting has been brought to another level especially during baby showers. Let the expectant mother have reasons to rejoice as she awaits the new baby! The ideas are like no other, timely and effective for you at all times.


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