These patterns are some of the most adorable patterns. Virtually everyone loves fruits and having them crocheted is just really exciting. You can crochet any fruit of your choice into any design of your choice. Crochet fruit free pattern are great for kids to have fun with and even adults can have them to themselves for decorative purposes.

Here we have prepared a list of crocheted fruits free pattern so you can make your selection  

1. Crochet pattern pineapple

This is one cute looking pineapple. So much perfection in this design, made with such professionalism and attention to detail. This play fruit work would serve a lovely gift for your little ones to play with. 

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2. Crocheted Orange pattern

I personally find this tasty looking crocheted orange pattern very pretty. An exceptionally creative work has been demonstrated here. This crocheted orange has a very unique look. The work done here to give it the look it has as the color lightens up, is just something you can’t ignore.

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3. Crochet Play food Crochet, Food home décor Crochet Pineapple toy for kids gift

This is surely a beautiful design, these pineapple look absolutely very tempting. A lot of precision to this design too, it is really one design I would love to crochet.

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4. Crochet pear free pattern

Wow! There is no doubt about the quality of work done here. This is absolutely creativity defined. The level of resemblance with the real pear is just very high. Such lovely designs! I will surely want to get something like this and decorate my dining room with it.

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5. DIY How to Crochet Amigurumi Fruits Free Patterns Kiwi

Delicious!! Look at how sumptuous this design looks. Really tempting! Get these for your kids to have fun with. You culd even choose to keep them in your dining room if you please. Great pattern to follow too!

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6. DIY How to Crochet Amigurumi Fruits Free Patterns Watermelon

Isn’t this a fantastic work? Kudos to the designer! Keep these in your home and let them have a good time with the tasty play watermelon 

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7. Amigurumi Banana Pattern Cover

Isn’t this the cutest banana crochet ever? Get this and make o ne too. This will surely make a great gift to any kid. I find this work very impressive. The effort put into this cannot be overemphasized this job requires a very good sense of creativity. You will surely have fun making this design 

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8. 8 pcs crochet fake food pretend

Doesn’t looking at this picture just make you want to have these? I mean, look at their level of cuteness! I think I would love to keep these in my dining room, just keeping my dining table looking all fancy and attractive.

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9. DIY How to Crochet Amigurumi Fruits Free Patterns

These cute little lemon fruit play will surely put large smiles on the faces of your kids. They will surely not hesitate get some of these if they by chance come across them. Watch their excited moods as they have real fun with these cute looking things. 

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10. Crochet Orange Free Pattern 

Another orange pattern! This mandarin orange was made with so much skill and technique. There is surely a high level of precision in this work. These designs will definitely be fun to play with. They are also easy crochet pattern to follow.

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11. Crochet Amigurumi Rasberry


Don’t you just want to create something as yummy looking as these? The work done here is extraordinarily outstanding. This fruits are actually one of my favorites. 

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12. Crochet Amigurumi Strawberry

This is my favorite fruit right here!! Such beauty to behold! This right here is a perfect work done. The different designs here are all just so very attractive. The creativity is outstanding and I sure would want to get all of these. I’m sure you would too. 

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13. Crochet Fruit Montessori toy Play food for kids

A whole basket of yum! This here is what creativity looks like. You could follow this pattern and make something like this too. Keep this with your kids and let them have fun with it. However, if you choose to use it as a decoration in your dining room, these here fit very well into that function.

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14. Grape Crochet Pattern PDF – Crochet Grape pattern

Amazing work done here! This is another favorite fruit of mine. I find the design quite exceptional. It is very eye catch. If you are a lover of fruits, why hesitate to have this to yourself so you can hang it on your living room wall! It will surely make a great decorative feature.

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15. Crochet Pomegranate (1 pcs)- Crochet Fruit, Play Food, Toddler toy 

And here is a unique fruit! This pomegranate was made with such skill and technique. However, it is pretty much easy to follow and make your own fantastic design of any color you choose to use.

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